Dance Peformances by SCW48! Singapore Cafe Waitresses 48! The next Mariko sama might be in there~

Update(20/07/11): Here is Youtube video taken by fellow AKB48 fan of the Special message for the patron of AKB48 SG Cafe.



Today in the afternoon, Singapore’s AKB48 Cafe officially fully open it’s door, ending the soft launch phrase since 3 weeks ago.

Unfortunately… I am unable to attend the opening, which was graced by AKB48 members, Maeda Ami, Team A and Abe Maria, Team KKS.

There are 3 greet and meal session today with the girls, 1 for each segment, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and then Dinner, 12:30pm, 2:30pm and 6pm respectively.

Jyan Kan Pon!

During each of the sessions, there was also the game of Jankan. A perfect chance for Maeda Ami to practice for her Jankan competition later on in August.

Sadly, Ade Maria is not one of the KKS selected for the Jyankan Taika.

Today also saw the introduction of the point card for AKB48 Shop and Cafe, with every $20 spent in 1 receipt, you get a stamp. Purchase of Theater Tickets are not applicable for the Stamps.

In addition, there will also be miniature flags, with prints of the girls, for your collection.

This event might be a one time only, but It’s mentioned in the Media Release that more of such event will be happening in the future. So if you’re like me, let hope we can attend the next event!

Next upcoming event for the SG Theater would be next Wednesday’s SKE 1st Stage~

I sure hope I can attend… … … No Matsui’s thou… Here’s the list,

27.07.2011 (WED) – 7pm (One show only!)

Team S
…Haruka Ono 小野晴香
Rumi Kato 加藤るみ
Shiori Takada 高田志織
Aki Deguchi 出口陽
Yuka Nakanishi 中西優香
Rikako Hirata 平田璃香子

Team KII
Ririna Akaeda 赤枝里々奈
Riho Abiru 阿比留李帆
Tomoko Kato 加藤智子
Risako Goto 後藤理沙子
Seira Sato 佐藤聖羅
Mieko Sato 佐藤実絵子
Rina Matsumoto 松本梨奈
Miki Yakata 矢方美紀
Reika Yamada 山田澪花
Tomoka Wakabayashi 若林倫香

*Performing member list is correct at time of publishing. The organizers reserve the right to change member list closer to the event.

Concert tickets are at S$50 each. Tickets are currently available for purchase online at

Read below for the Full Media Release,

Media Release

AKB48 concept Café to let diners bring home more
of the AKB48 Singapore experience
Close to 50 items in its menu and customer loyalty programme by
AKB48 Official Café Singapore

Singapore, 19 July 2011 – Dining in the world’s first AKB48 Official Café Singapore will now be a more memorable experience, with more menu items to choose from, collectible items personalized with AKB48 member information, and a customer loyalty programme. Since its soft launch on 25 June 2011, the AKB48 Official Café Singapore announced its full range of offerings today. To mark its official launch, the café held its first Summer Holiday Special Activity: Two AKB48 members flew to Singapore to conduct three meal sessions where selected diners got a chance to interact and pose questions directly to their idols.

Collectible AKB48 Singapore items as part of the meal

Going full swing into its operations today, the AKB48 Official Café Singapore unveiled:

  • Full Menu & Special Items – Its full menu consists of close to 50 modern Japanese fusion cuisine and desserts. Diners will be delighted to hear that top-selling favourites during its soft launch, such as Omu Curry Rice, continue to be available. School bento sets and seasonal dishes will be introduced at a later stage.
  • Miniature collectible AKB48 Singapore flags – Selected food items will be decorated with collectible AKB48 miniature “flags”. Similar to the very popular AKB48 pennant merchandise but smaller, each flag contains the name and picture of an AKB48 member. Diners can take home the miniature flags served with their meals. Collectible tablemats with AKB48 member information will be introduced at a later stage.
  • Customer loyalty programme – An AKB48 Official Café Singapore Point Card was launched today. Stamps will be awarded for every $20 purchase, and stamps can be used to redeem food and dessert items, AKB48 merchandise and even AKB48 Singapore concert tickets.

Summer Holiday Special Activity brings fans up close with the idols

As part of the café’s official launch celebrations, AKB48 Singapore held three “Summer Holiday Special” sessions this afternoon. Diners who managed to purchase the session tickets beforehand had a chance to pose questions directly to their AKB48 idols, Ami Maeda and Maria Abe, while enjoying a special meal. Exclusive video messages from the top AKB48 members elected by their fans recently were also screened in the café for the 1st time. The diners also got to shake hands with their idols at the end of each session, which lasted one and a half hours each.

In the evening, customers who visited the AKB48 Official Shop Singapore will receive a pleasant surprise – the two AKB48 idols will take on “Shop Manager” duties for half an hour and welcome customers to the shop.

“Fan activities and surprise gestures like today’s may be new to Singapore, but these lie at the heart of AKB48’s concept to be ‘idols you can meet every day’. While fans in Singapore do not see their idols here every single day, we hope that these activities will encourage greater awareness and interest on AKB48’s presence in Singapore,” said Mr Shawn Chin, Project Director of the AKB48 Singapore Project.

Coming up, one SKE48 concert (one show only) will be held on 27 July 2011, 7pm, at *SCAPE Warehouse. This will be the first time SKE48, one of the sister groups of AKB48, is performing in Singapore.

To find out more about the AKB48 Singapore project or get the latest updates on the concerts, concept store and café, members of the public can check out

About AKB48

AKB48 is a Japanese idol group project started by Mr Yasushi Akimoto in December 2005. The uniqueness of the AKB48 project is its concept of involving fans to share the experience in the idols’ career growth. Through this project, girls who have potential to become next-generation new idols are discovered. They are given the opportunity to perform at the exclusive AKB48 theatre at Akihabara, the most energetic town in Japan, frequently, sometimes on a daily basis.

Over the last five years, AKB48 has risen in popularity and is today an award-winning iconic idol group in Japan. Their latest three CD album sales have also crossed millions each. AKB48 is also well sought-after internationally, with various concert tours in Korea, Macau, Russia and Singapore.

Today, some sister groups have been created, such as SKE48 from Sakae in Nagoya-city, NMB 48 from Namba in Osaka, and SDN48 formed by over 20 years old ladies. They have done a combined live concert by these groups in Japan, and expanded their activities.

About AKB48 Singapore (

AKB48 Singapore is a J-pop experiential project launched in May 2011. The project includes three components: AKB Theatre LIVE Series (AKB48’s first overseas theatre where concerts will be performed on a regular basis), the AKB48 Official Shop Singapore (South-east Asian’s first AKB48 Official Shop), and AKB48 Official Café Singapore (the world’s first AKB48 Café).  SOZO is the official Managing Agent for AKB48’s project in Singapore and this project is fully supported by Toyota Tsusho Singapore.


– End –

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