just informed about Summer Wonfes 2011,

Wonder Festival 2011 [Summer]’s logo

will be held on July 24, 2011!!! *That’s my Birthday!!! O_O *

Maybe any reader not really familiar with Wonfes so,What is Wonfes?

The Tokyo Wonder Festival (ワンダーフェスティバル), or Wonfes (ワンフェス wanfesu) for short, is a bi-annual event to display and sell “garage kits”, which are sculptures that usually replicate anime and game characters, but also popular mecha/sci-fi characters and creatures. These models are extremely detail oriented, and many of these sculptures appear in very small quantities due to the amateur nature of their reproduction. Unusually skilled artisans are promoted specifically during the “wonder showcase” (WSC), in which their works are given special attention and limited quantities of their masterpieces are sold for high prices to avid collectors. It also showcases future releases by major toy companies.

From what I have been reading about Summer Wonfes 2011, participating dealers has declined from 1,900 to 1,370 dealers because of the Tohoku earthquake *That’s around 30%!!! O_O*.  But the event still will be held and located at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall in Chiba Prefecture hall with ticket fee for 2,000yen including Wonfes Official Guide .

What’s on Wonfes?

  1. Garage Sale Kit Exhibition
  2. “Wonder” announced the selection of artists, pre-sale works
  3. Exhibition and sale of original sculptures
  4. Manufacturer (company) exhibit
  5. Production consultation, demonstration of molding material
  6. Flea market
  7. Cosplay Party

Well Winter Wonfes 2011 sure was great. They had really nice collection of figurines. As myself, I do really excited to see what Figurines will be shown next July. Well, Let’s just wait for it and hope it’ll be broadcasted on niconico again.


via Kaiyodo, Wikipedia and Journal Mycom

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