I have a confession to make, I’m kinda in Love… Abit one sided… they are my SUN! My Sunshine! My faith is in them, for without them I am unsure how my last few weeks are like, thru them I found Love, Courage, Fun and Energy!

Read this, as this is my Declaration of Oshimen for AKB48. I will support them, like they had Supported me!


Recently I have found a wonderful way of relieving stress building up due to programing at work… And their name is AKB48. Tools you need to take part are,

Internet Access
A device that can watch youtube
and a few channels


It’s really very fun. In fact everytime i got frustrated by the stupid program, like now, I would go watch a few clips. And over time, I found that I’m searching more of the few names

1. Atsuko Maeda (Team A)

2. Mariko Shinoda (Team A)


3. Minegishi Minami (Team K)


4. Takehashi Minami (Team A)


5. Oshima Yuko (Team K)


6. Miyazaki Miho (Team B)


Thou there are others, I just can’t help but look more at them…


Oshima Yuko After watching so many Youtube Videos, I find her a very fun person, looking at her usually brings me a smile… What I don’t know is she felt so distance from the rest… Unlike the Takamina X Miichan or Acchan X Mariko-Sama feel. I wonder who her click is, or is she a friend of everyone but without a best friend?


Knowing her background also help me in understanding her charisma on stage and in TV shows, being a child actor, she just feels alive on the stage, I love her on the Stage! In some points she is the exact opposite of Acchan on stage, she dares to show herself~

Miyazaki Miho aka Meow, is just so cute~ kinda superficial but, she is really Kawaii, too bad she’s apparently not as popular, I believe she is just unpolished. I hope she will one day make it to the top 15. She is my Dark horse of choice and the only one I met in person…

Minegishi Minami aka Miichan, I wanna make her my imoto and look after her~ She is the fun factor of AKB, but she sometimes looks down on herself too much… She needs more confidences, and I wanna watch her growth~

While Shinoda Mariko is like the onee-san I never had… She is needed in AKB48 to look after everyone! I’m so glad she did not go to SDN.


I respect Takahashi Minami aka Takemina for her hard work and leadership while still making everything fun, lastly but not the least,



Maeda Atsuko aka Acchan! Her cold attitude have that warm feeling when she smiles and not to mention she is talented, good looking and Hardworking!


Just watching her on youtube makes me feel like a over protective father… not wanting her to be sad and don’t wanna make a sound when she fell asleep… I want to protect her, for she is a rare jade that can shine forever! Haven’t really felt this way since i first heard of Sun Yan Zi, and Utada Hikaru.

Perhaps the manga AKB49 is correct. She is a tsundere. I want a daughter like her!

You can say that my AKB48 Oshimen is Maeda



Cos in the numerous times I reshuffle, add and then deduct from the list, she have always been on the top. With that said, I can forsee changes to the list almost everyday… be it just position or new names. I don’t know if there is any psychologist out there doing a research on personality based on who they liked in AKB48, If there is, I would really like to know what I am thinking when choosing the girls.

Thou based on my own reflection, I seem to choose girls capable of change and daring to do things, perhaps this is what I want to do myself or maybe perhaps I see a bit of myself in my chosen list. I’m not sure. My reasons are there but still there’s something within I am just unable to put into words…

But for now this SIX girls have booked a nice position in my heart for AKB48.

Still in SKE, there’s Matsui Rena(Team S) yo~ Must be because I like her character in Majisuka, Gekikara.


Now let me end this,


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