Last weekend I had one hell of a busy week, having attended May’n Unite!!! Asia Tour, Singapore on Saturday(as a Guest Staff?!) and 3 rather wonderful events on Sunday.

The first of the wonderful event on Sunday is of cos, The Anime House’s (KKnM & The Card Geeks also’s favorite anime shop) opening, after moving out of Sunshine plaza and in to POMO.

Yes, they have moved out of Sunshine and back to the place they first started 10 years ago.

Either way, the new shop is atleast 2 times bigger then their previous shop and it even comes with a special room for The Card Geeks. Yes, they have moved there too.

The room is expected to be able to hold 20 to 26 players with air conditioning and a glass see thru panel.

On the day of the shop opening, there is even an Card event outside siting 30+ gamers, Bushiroad even chipped in with an appearance by Suzuko Mimori(Seiyu, Sheryl, Milky Holmes), to play some card games(Weiβ Schwarz) and giving out Autographs. I heard from the players present that she is a tough opponent.

A talk with Sharon, the lady boss, revealed that more events of such scale could be organised to engage the customers.

Looks like POMO is going to be a new haunt for many people in the future. But before that look!

ACMEIII have revealed their mystery guest! And they are, Suara, Singer and The Mesh, MC/Seiyu/Official WS Player. Along with Singapore’s biggest Tourney, for 200 players!

Suara even made a short shout out for everyone~

[FB 10150265075740932]

In additional, PLUM, famed dojin circle from Japan will be making an appearance to sell their dojins in Singapore!Finally, a KKnMxCDS project is also teased, the exclusive launch of Project Tohou: Elysium.

A High Quality version of the flyer, click to see the full size version.

Btw, The Anime House’s new address is,

PoMO (Selegie Road) #B1-17 (Beside Cold Storage)
see Google map

Their new opening hours and payment info are,

Website: The Anime House(KKnM & TCG) | A Certain Magical Event

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