As we all know that May’n is having a Asia tour or finishing her tour with last the concert will in Singapore, this coming Saturday, 4th June. Here I have, is a write up by a fan based in Singapore describing how he became a fan of May’n and his recent trip up to Guangzhou for her concert there held few weeks back.

To retain the originality of the write up, I will be using most of what I have received in a email from this gentleman, so pardon the language if necessary. Without further a due, let’s share this write up by this fan, Desmond.

PS: It’s gonna be a long read.

From Desmond,

I have been to May’n concerts in AFA for 2008,2009,2010 and even BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! in KL for 2010 but I just can’t get enough of it.
It all started one night in 2008 after I heard her sing Diamond Crevasse as Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier.
I just can’t get this song and that voice of her’s has been in my head ever since. And listening to her other song’s made me fell in love even more then ever for May’n (部長).
I made myself a promise from then I must be at her concerts whenever I am able to make it.

Finally the big chance has come for me to be able to attend her concerts overseas.
I was planning to head for her concert in Hong Kong on 29 May 2010.
But I jump on the chance when I heard from a Malaysia friend Sin You flying over to Guangzhou for her concert with a VIP ticket.
I told if he could get me a VIP ticket I will fly over with him. And I did. and I never regret flying there for the concert though the air ticket cost a bomb -.-”

Poor Sin You has to wait for me in the airport and overnight there for almost 10 hours. Cause he flew on 13/05/11 midnight while I flew on 14/05/11 6am flight.
(Thanks Bro I Really Appreciate it, but I still repay you didn’t I what I gave you……that you can’t even buy if you have the $$)

The only scary thing about Guangzhou is you see people wherever you go no matter what time is it….. and I mean lots of people.
We had a welcome party from the fans there in Guangzhou I was surprised to see that over 30 – 50 fans came to greet us before the concert.

The passion and the love for May’n (部長) fans there words can’t describe them.
You can see it from their collections, practicing songs, practicing steps of X.Y.Z even practicing May’n (部長) dance steps.
Watching her videos, keeping a update on May’n blogs…
They even made a flag ( Designed by Sin You ) specially for May’n and parade it in the streets as we head to the concert. ( Cops came thinking it’s a protest not normal cops…..Riot Police )
You should have seen the face on that guy holding the flag….I think his face went pale or something.
So we had the girls to do some explaining to the cops before they decide to sent us all (up the lorry) you get what I mean.
If that happen’s I think there’s gonna be a real riot…

The flag can be seen far…far…away…as we headed near to the venue you can see people running out to see what’s going on taking snap shots…
Everyone there were shocked to see our group with the flag….Jaws of the Japaneses fans dropped when they saw it….. Everyone wants a picture……with it..
I met ‘Cherry mint’ over there and I passed the flag to him.. The Japaneses fans were very impressed with what they saw and I bet in their minds….thinking
( Why didn’t we think of that idea back in Japan we need more fierce ideas when we get back )
As we are taking pictures….taking a break….having a slip of water…We heard…”May’n Merchandise Queue Here”
WAH !! The minute everyone hear this all hell break loose…….!! CHIONG AR………!! MAI TU LIAO AR….!!
Hehee…….time to go broke …*.* so much to choose from (T-shirt , PSP Pouch, Handphone Strap…Bag ..) Wah DIE…..! sure bo $$
the stuff I buy hmm…….after I buy liao I was afraid of getting rob… too much stuff…….I went with a 7 kg luggage came back with a 12 kg.. 9kg bag – 13kg…
Came back sell the stuff to my friends still kena scold for not getting enough 0.o !!

As time goes…coming near to the hour you can see the excitement….in everyone !! can’t wait to get in..the hall…!! At this movement fans drove in their CARS with decals of ARIA the Scarlet Ammo and Marcoss Frontier….everyone was thinking could May’n (部長) be in it . So at this point everyone was taking pictures taking out the decals…

At this movement again…..someone shouted “Queue Here to Entry for the Concert”
I guess you guys know very well…….what will happen next…..
What was shocking was I see people running out from parks out of nowhere…… @.0
The Park was like 1km……away for sure cause I had to walk around it to get the the concert hall.

The excitement and the tense there you can feel in everyone….at this movement they had to shift the queue.
Due to it was blocking the entrance of the front gate… 400 metres…
So everyone run for it………!!! trying to be the 1st one to get in…… the sky started roaring… flashes can be seen….
Soon it started to rain. I was pretty lucky to be able to queue under the shelter…..but the rest are not that lucky…
Those who had umbrellas…….are pretty much safe from getting wet….Those without…..had to bear in the rain for the next 10 minutes…before entering….

Everyone was like come on let us in already……We were suppose to enter in like another 20 minutes…But Orders came from the top of the organizer. They let us in early due to 3/4 of crowd were in the rain…well that took them forever…! So got the tickets on my hand….ready check and RUSH off to my seat….
As I was running in there was this large bill board in front of me with May’n on it……( More to come on the Bill Board later on)
I had the front view of the stage……and I had the 1st row…….!! Great View…..! Beautiful One……and thanks to Sin You… and 长门 from Guangzhou.
On my row…..I had fans from Taiwan,Indonesia,Shanghai and Guangzhou I was so happy to see so many other fans that flew down to see May’n not just me and Sin You.
We discuss everything why we like May’n, what should we let her sign later, what colour lightstick we should use later and so on…….. So much to talk about with everyone.

My Guangzhou friends went around the concert hall 1st and 2nd with the flag parade as well… gave a gentle request to everyone “Please don’t sing along with May’n! We don’t wish to have her voice covered” …From what I heard during the last concert..not May’n concert……the singer voice he/she was covered by the fans so they can’t hear the pure voice of the singer.

The movement has COME……..! The lights went dark…..! Lightsticks were up……..and came out…… 4 girls…..?!?
What’s going on ??!! Everyone was like …….. 0.o Did we enter the wrong concert hall…….?

But before that……when I came in I was given the picture cards of the girls. But I was rushing in guess I didn’t had a time to look at it. So when the concert started,
It was ………??? I was like errr……. those 2 girls.on stage….look very familiar……where have I seen them before…..took me some time to my suprise it was the MMK Moe Moe Kyun ♥ Maid Cafe girls. Moe, and Tomomi .What are they doing here…..? They introduce themselves as Sea* A….they just formed a new girl group…still surprised…..they started singing their song..
Lightsticks in my hand of course jumped in join in the fun of course …..!

But I must really hand it to the girls…….they managed to pump the crowd to ‘Getting High’ already everyone was on their feet, lightsticks in their hands everyone was shouting ‘HEY HEY HEY’
My 1st time seeing them in concert…..but they left quite a impression to me already…. Their overall performance was pretty good I must say for a new group that just started out anyway this means
proving that our local celebrity has also the chance to head overseas….we do have talent singers here in Singapore. GANBATTE Girls…..! I would love to see them in the future again work hard girls!….. Hopefully you girls will have your own concert overseas…( I might have to fly over if I have the time ) I heard they are coming out a single…… “Dream Shooter” that shows their 1st step into being known to the world….

Lights went off again totally dark … The dancers came out 1st to motivate the crowd. Everyone started shouting “部長 部長 部長” waving their lightsticks in the air the flag started waving for May’n (部長) arrival.
Finally the time has come for May’n (部長) our Galactic Fairy starting off her 1st song with Disco☆Galaxxxy…. Out of the Dark….!! the light shine upon on our Galactic Fairy May’n (部長) when she sang the part “Everybody Shake ya hip! Dancing!”

…the CROWD went crazy……!! Everyone was shouting screaming…. you can see people really jumping around in joy….more and more lightsticks were up waving like fireworks in the air..The hall was just filled with the excitement, joy and happiness just seeing her… As she was singing she ran around waving to the fans…. At this time I realised how close I was to her.. She waved to me ( I guess cause I was wearing the BIG☆WAAAAAVE T-Shirt with pink words on it…..whole hall only I was wearing !! ) I was so happy to see her and listening to her sing I jump like crazy…..shout like crazy wave my lightstick…like there is no tomorrow….I wish the night will just never end but this was only just the beginning….

When she started singing 射手座☆午后九时Don’t be late the crowd……..Just went basically INSANE……UOs (Ultra Orange Lightsticks) started popping out I remember Sin You popped like maybe 10 or more UOs during that song….More UOs popped out of nowhere I think some are the die hard fans from Hong Kong as well……May’n (部長) has pushed the atmosphere in the crowd so high already that you can feel the rush in your heart…..When the part MOTTEKE comes you can hear the whole hall everyone shouting,singing,screaming along with her……the rush in everyone started jumping shouting ‘HEY HEY HEY’ everytime……you can feel the ground shaking..! ( I remember myself jumping so high and smacked the person next to me by mistake oops……I was too tall for err….her )
It’s one of my favourite songs of all time in Macross Frontier… ! in fact all of May’n songs are my favourite .. lol.. I think during that movement if you ask me for account numbers I will forget them all….Maybe even my parent’s name.
The rush where she brings you to the point where you can’t even breathe…. keeping up with her…… You have to feel it yourself….. But as I have say this is all only just the beginning. But I would have wish they put this song near to the end……cause it really drains you out the jumping along…..shouting…that you just find yourself following her not knowing why.

XYZ is a cute and relax song for us to cool down for the movement after that dynamic performance by her (If you want to learn your ABC then to XYZ) Before the song May’n (部長) spent some time teaching everyone to follow along in the steps for XYZ! . And for this song you required a towel to follow along. So when May’n (部長) ask everyone if you we have our towels……Everyone Shouted back ‘YEAH’ and threw their towels high up in the air. For some first timers that was around me didn’t know the towel was required so I lent them my towels I bought before the concert. And Told them ‘SERIOUSLY’ to return it back to me after the concert….. I just wanted everyone to enjoy that movement and follow along May’n (部長) in the song. Everyone was just following her in the song in almost perfect pretty good for the first timers who learn fast on the steps and dance along…. You can see towels high up in the air waving posing the XYZ symbols as we dance along with May’n finally the Jump. Everyone threw their towels high up after that had a hard time locating back their own towels. It was a pretty funny scene seeing everyone searching for their own towels holding it in their hands showing the face expression “Wait a minute, this is not my towel !! where did I threw it to !!” I remember seeing people going around asking “Did you see a white towel that I threw that might have dropped here?” and someone answer all the towels are white. LOL

The encore was totally AWESOME everyone was just shouting 部長 !! 部長 !! 部長 !! when the lights when out. Shouting all the way for the next 5 – 10 minutes you would have thought that as we shout it will slowly die down cause we are feeling tired and sore from the shouting. But When that happens someone will shout out loud again climbing up their seats to motivate the crowd to keep it going on. The flat started waving again this time person that was waving the flag really wave it hard and wave it around like there was no tomorrow til May’n (部長) come out. When May’n (部長) appeared out in the dark in her 2nd gorgeous and glamorous outfit. I was sure hearts would have melt seeing her in that outfit it the title “Galactic Fairy” really belongs to her. It was like the Galactic Fairy came out of the dark telling everyone there is hope even in the dark if you never give up. The crowd just jumped in joy in the air waving their lightsticks, hands even the flag and the shouting,screaming the cheers just like gets louder and louder.

Everyone was still in very high spirits shouting and screaming 部長 !! 部長 !! 部長 !! When the song ダイアモンド クレバス (Diamond Crevasse) started everyone went silent for movement change lightsticks to the blue ones…. wave along with it suits the theme well. This song captures my heart and touches me deeply deep inside. It shows one can be strong even when the world falls on you even when the darkest movement happens in your life never give up. This song was sang by Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier when the Vajra attacked the Frontier City. She sang when everyone think that hope is gone, and they have no chance in survival against the Vajras. The Song calm the people around her showing them there is hope even in the worst times. I remembered during the 11 March 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan worried about the safety of my friends who are there, the people of Japan what they are going to go through and worried about her. I recall her posting she was safe and tweeted “ I felt that I am like Sheryl Nome…I will continue to work hard and sing even when in the darkest movement to give everyone hope like Sheryl Nome did in Macross Frontier.

Ending the concert with the song Phonic Nation that was her theme song in her movie May’n The Movie -Phonic Nation-. A very sweet song and smoothing one’s that makes one just feeling happy inside of you when you hear it. The crowd just wave their hands in the air following the music to the left to the right. It was like a friendship song… some people were having their arms around each other shoulders and just waving in the air happily moving to the left and right together with May’n (部長). This song also proves the success of May’n (部長) what she has been through in the past years during the start of her music career as the singer May’n (部長) we known now. Having it started from an audition that was selected out of 35,000 applicants, to having her own singles now, and becoming a voice singer of Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier, finally having her own concert in Japan, now the Asia Tour . I hope her success in having a World Tour in the future. Her love for singing that has touched us all and brought us all together in this very concert hall from all parts of the world. Everyone was just in very high spirits with May’n (部長) singing along and ending the song everyone going ‘LaLa la,LaLa la’, ‘LaLa la’. The way she ended the song enjoying it like everyone in hall did it was a great feeling seeing everyone including her happy through out the concert.

With that ending the concert emotions got to her, but May’n (部長) stayed strong, thanked everyone Greet-Fully, running around to the left,right finally to the centre of the stage waving to all her fans from the 1st floor to 2nd floor shouting out Arigatou to everyone and finally a Sincere Bow to everyone. Thanking all her fans for the support and the love shown to her on that day in that little hall filled with love,emotions and happiness given by everyone to her.

Overall the concert was a pure success and one of the best one’s I ever been to. May’n (部長) whooping out 20 tracks in that concert hall that has filled everyone with her happiness,love and joy letting everyone leaving the hall happily and with memorable experience. Like wise I know everyone would have wished like I did that we could stop time and forever be showered by May’n (部長) singing her songs that are filled with her love.
Over here I would like to Thank May’n (部長) for singing such beautiful songs, for showering us with your love and finally Thank You for being here specially just for us and the rest of the world.

May’n (部長) doing the fund raising for Japan Red Cross during her tour in every country asking everyone to donate generously for the people back in Japan is something that makes me very happy and proud to say that I am a fan of May’n(部長). My heart goes out for the people back there, but for her and the people of Japan who has been through such an event I can’t imagined what was it like back there. I urge everyone to donate generously, money can be earn back again if it’s lost but a life will be lost forever. If the money you donated can buy someone back some warmth there maybe some hot food maybe a blanket just to keep warm from freezing to death it’s all worth. We should all do our part in helping out one another regardless of race, color or religion in this world. When times like this that comes and UNITES us all together in helping out each other.

Given the chance I will do this all over again. It’s all worth flying over there meeting new friends checking out a foreign country and seeing the passion of May’n(部長) fans there is an extreme honor for me to have met them personally myself. They are great really the True fans of May’n(部長) in Guangzhou they have really made May’n (部長) very happy She even tweeted herself that she felt atmosphere of the crowd was like back in Japan the same way they welcome her. The fans in Guangzhou showed us hospitably welcoming us from the airport, shown us around in the last 3 days even buying us dinner.

And their love for May’n (部長) is something I can’t describe myself. The fire you see in them their ideas and ways of making May’n (部長) feeling special. All I can say it is all worth all the hard work they have done has been a success in that special night with May’n (部長). I wish I had comrades like them back in Singapore in fact I do have. I hope we can also do something like what they did for May’n (部長) back in Singapore better then them of course. I feel that I am very lucky to be able to see her again on 6 June 2011 back here home in Singapore. I just can’t get myself over that night in that concert deep down inside me thoughts that were going on in my mind. I made new friends who shared the same passion and love we have for May’n (部長) It’s a great feeling to know someone out there who is also feeling the same way you do for May’n (部長)

And It was May’n (部長) that UNITES us all together as one on that very special night in all of us…that we will remember forever deeply inside us.. and til the next time we meet again it will be another beautiful chapter in our life…!



Yup, and that was what Desmond and other 部員 experienced that night in Guangzhou. And I do have a piece of share as well for Hong Kong, but that well come in later.

Before I ends this post, for you readers, especially in Singapore, this coming Saturday is your very LAST chance to see May’n LIVE on stage for this time being. So, if you are wondering where to grab the tickets, you can do so at gatecrash and by attending the concert, you will have a chance to win invitation to the premier of May’n’s own documentary movie 「May’n the movie -Phonic Nation-」here in Singapore!

What are you waiting for? Grab the tickets and join in for a dazzling performance by May’n!

Lastly, thank you Desmond for sharing your Guangzhou experience with us and the readers here at AC.

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