Library War or Toshokan Sensou is a novel that got adapted for an anime in the noitamina timeslot in 2008. And it’s told on twitter of a Kadokawa staff, that it is now in the progress of making it’s theatrical debut. Yes a movie in the making, but it’s an animated featured but when the movie can be expected, it’s unknown.

It’s about the struggle of the Library Congress of Japan against the Censorship Board in the near future of Japan.

The back story is that the politician made use of censorship to control “Harmful Articles” that are either critical of the government or deem harmful due to it’s content like echi-ness or suggestive meaning. It got so bad that at a point, children’s books with semi-suggestive words are also being banned.

To counter this movement, the opposition thru it’s available power enacted the Library Act, an act that founded the Library Congress and it’s military prowess to counter the Harmful Article Act and the Censorship board, allowing them to take any article into their ownership for citizens to read at the library, before they are Banned.

Library Wars or Toshokan Sensou is one of my favorite anime of 2008 and it left me with many thoughts on censorship and how far is too far, also a recent acts by a few of the municipal governments of Japan to ban Harmful Articles, is like a horror dream come true…

So I hope, if there is this movie, it can help tell people how senseless censorship can be harmful.

I really want to see this movie and hopes Kadokawa can make sure it’s very good! Since they are one of the companies that is against the Harmful Article Act in Tokyo.

LOL looks like I managed to drag a short article really long… … Sorry XD

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