Sushi Sase was told to me by a friend to be Hong Kong’s most famous Japanese Restuarant, and thus we went for lunch there. With fame of course, the price of this place is bordering the scale of afforbitily by a bit…

Thou there are courses that can be had from SG$50(HK$350), the real deal is the Mini Kaiseki Course(SG$100~,HK$580) and the for the people feeling brave, there is the Chef’s Omake Course (of goodness), priced at HK$1080, or around SG$200.

And thus for me I had the Mini Kaiseki Course,

Seafood Salad


From the pictures you might not be able to tell freshness of it. So fresh that the tako, which I dislike, taste exceptionally great!


Yes the platter is rather wonderfully arranged, and the fishes(and tako) are FRESH!

Chaimushi =D


Crab meat line the top, before you are able to see the yellow surface of the chamushi, I thought it’s a soup of some kind at first.

The Tempura. I don’t need to tell you how good it is~

The sushis are made right infront of us and the meat lined up in a storage case.

The fats on the tuna just makes it looks even more delightful. And I obviously Failed because I missed a few dishes…

According to Mok, the Tamago is the signature dish of a good Japanese resturant and it’s so true in this case. When i just put the it in the mouth, I can feel the sweet juice leaking out~ Oh My… …

We even have the honor to see one plate of Tamago bought out for de-Oiling/Cooling the flat golden surface is just too sweet~ I wonder if it’s as good as Haruna’s(Kore Wa Zombi Des Ka)

The ice cream is nothing special, served from the kitchen, but i wonder what is th brand to give it such a smooth feel… Should be expensive

The food is just wonderful and comparable to a fine Sushi Bar.

Service wise, the staff at Sushi Sase are very professional, to the point that, when they saw our green tea no longer steaming, they changed it for new hot cup of tea. This standard of service left me very impressed, even the chef is kind enough to answer our questions. No need to say that they took my reservation just 3 hours before the meal on a Saturday, and is fully expecting us.

I really liked that place!

It maybe the finest Sushi bar I have been too yet.

Sushi Sase is located on Hong Kong Island, on Hollywood Street.

UG/F, Hilltop Plaza, 49 Hollywood Road, Central
Tel: 2815 0455/2815 0477
Hours: Mon. to Sun.: 12:00-15:00; 18:00-23:00

If you are in Hong Kong and is craving for good Japanese food, try this one! If you have the budget…

Have fun~

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