Sham Shui Po, to tell the truth, the only reason it’s in our pre-trip arrangement is because of the AKB48 Shop in the area, at Dragon Centre. But on reaching the place, I found that it’s actually quite a great shopping place~

Just when you step out of the MTR station, greeting you will be streets of hawkers selling a variety of stuff, like old remote, fruit Juice, Rare Earth Magnets and etc…

It’s really a whole of fun, especially if you are a bargain hunter. Then just north of the MTR, you will see Capital Computer Centre, with 3 stories of computer stuff to look at and purchase.

But still the greatest draw will have to be at this building,

Picture from Google map street view

Dragon Centre, a 7 story tall shopping centre, this is also the place where the Konami Card Centre is at. AKB48 Shop Hong Kong is also here, on the 6th story, unit 622.

The first thing when you reach the shop front, you see this…

It’s enclosed to the point that from the outside you will never know what is inside. And unfortunately, they have a very strict no photography rule… So you must really visit to find out. Just to let you know, it’s at least 3 times bigger than the Singapore Shop, and inside comes with a huge projected screen, looping AKB48’s PVs along with at least 15 LCDs displaying the information and statistics of the Girls.

And not least to say, it’s stocked with a lot of goodies~During our stay, they even had something like a Senbatsu and the result is released just recently.

Well… the AC team did contribute a bit to the result… … And it’s really quite significant given that there are just around 1000 votes… altogether…

Eitherway, if you are there and for some reason the shop is close… then at least take a photo with you Oshimen’s portrait,

If you are going there anytime soon, do grab the ID stickers. Thou, I heard that the Singapore shop will be getting it soon~

Here’s a sample,

Good looking don’t you think?

So if you are around the area and wants to poison yourself, feel free to visit. Btw, did you know that part of Full Metal Panic’s location is also based here here.

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