For those who wants to buy things like Gunpla, Models, Manga, Photobook, and some Games… This is the place to goto, not to mention the fact that this is a treasure trove.

First on Sai Yee St(洗依街), there are 2 shops to look out for,

Ying Ming Modeling Shop and Twinners, this 2 modelling shop carries a huge range of gunpla to choose from and is easily found. They do also carry traditional model kits like Cars, Planes, Tanks, and VFs.

Further down the street, at the end of Sai Yee St after Soy St and going down Fa Yuen St, there exist another type of models that many like us from Singapore cannot buy or even dream to bring home… …

The super realistic Airosoft guns!

I saw quite a few shops here selling guns like MP90AK-47, AK-74, Machine Gun, Gatling Guns and etc. In fact the shop of WCG, a distributor of the “guns” have a shop around this are under the Yan On building, in the Shopping arcade.

In fact in Yan On Building along the Shopping arcade, you will also find more Hobby shops, a Denon Exclusive Retailer and some yummy goodies.

When you are done at Yan On, follow Dundas St towards Nathan Rd and turn right at the Junction connecting to Nathan Rd. There you will see Sino City, where there is 5 stories of temptation to either avoid or succumb too… …

Do note that Sino Centre does have fake goods, especially when it comes to electronics and media stuff. Other then that, it’s all just stuff animals, Taiwanese Manga, artbooks, dojins, some more Gunplas, games, Figurines, and healthcare videos. However I found that, there is another building the has more fun then this… In 2 different locations.

For dollife and resin lovers, you might want to explore Richmond Commerial building along Argle Rd before Sai Yee St, It’s not a big place but some of the shops in there are rather well stocked with accessories for Dollifes or Resin Kits for Resin modellers.

For non anime lovers, you might wanna just take a walk around the place to find some interesting eateries, fashion shops and quite a few chain branch of Hong Kong’s electronic superstores. Here you will also be able to get SIM cards from the different Service Providers directly from the Shop.

Thus this ends Mong Kok’s write-up, look out for more of the Hong Kong Series

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