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SO on this week’s CDs LookOut!, I have 4 up and coming releases for you to go buy~

Disclaimer: If you don’t wanna poison yourself or get into more debt, click on some other links now. Else, Dozo~

First up,

Atsuko Maeda, Flower

In case you have not heard, Atsuko Maeda is releasing her first Solo Single, titled Flower.

It will be released on the 22th of the June and here is a little preview of her latest song, Hoozue to Caffe Macchiato.


Edit(added): The MV for Flower, It’s just too touching~


This is a radio rip edition. I really like her, and her voice is good too, even my imoto whom is annoyed by AKB48, admits that.

In additional, Acchan and Takamina will also be appearing on Fuji TV’s Shin Domoto Kyoudai, on the 19th of June to promote Flower. They will also be singing a Duet and Acchan will be revealing some her personal stories, like her first love.

You can still get the First press edition with DVD at CDJapan, and if you want a  Act 2, and Act 3… … a promotional gimmick, I guess… Not… appearently I found out that each part is coming with a different Side B track. For Act 1, we have Hoozue to Caffe Macchiato. Act  2, there’s YOAKE MADE and Act 3, LA BREA AVE.

Flower Act 1Flower Act 2Flower Act 3


Various Artist, ZONE Tribute ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~

Next up, a tribute album for the greatest Japanese Girl Group of the 21st Century, ZONE.

With the recent announcement of the project, a number of bands and groups have signed on for the project, each covering a ZONE song.

Here is the participating artist, and playlist for the Tribute Album, ZONE Tribute ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~.

  • ClariS – True blue
  • SCANDAL – Secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~
  • STEREOPONY – Akashi
  • sphere – Glory colors ~Kaze no TOBIRA~
  • TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Boku no Tegami
  • Tomato n’ Pine – Yume no KAKERA…
  • Nakagawa Shoko – Shiroi Hana
  • bump.y – Sotsugyou
  • Peaceful – GOOD DAYS
  • Yanagi Nagi – Hitoshizuka

It’s looking to be a wonderful set list, comprising of new, old, popular and extremely popular groups/singers. I’m already looking forward to it!

This album is estimated to be out on the 10th of August, and is available in both Limited and Regular editions.

SCANDAL, Baby Action(Album) and Love Survive(Single)

Scandal will be releasing their 11th Single, Love Survive, this July, 27th and their 3rd Album, Baby Action, on August 10th.

In additionally, they will be doing a tour around Japan title also Baby Action, to commemorate their third Album.

The above is the Cover for their Single, Love Survive.

Both Single and Album is available at CDJapan, in a number of versions.

And that is all we have now on CD Look Out. See, it’s not really that bad, yah?

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