PS: Collatral Damage Studio’s Booth is 26, and they have just announced more stuff~

This coming weekend, Collateral Damage Studios will be participating in an event at Downtown East.

The event is known as the Comics World, a out shoot event from the annually held Cosfest. The event starts at 12pm, and close at 7pm for both day.

Now so what is CDS bringing to the table~

They will finally be bringing Starry Nights! I have sort of seen the final product and it’s interestingly limited edition, with the first print amount to not more then a certain number…

At Comics World, you will be able to get it at $28 per book. While outside it will cost you $30.

You can look at a preview at this post here~

Other then this, they have the other headline items, namely their latest, Madoka Trading Straps! And by trading, it mean that you will be tikaming… And they are 5 Designs!

Here is the spec of the product, which they finally released after much teasing…

#CDS0025: Madoka trading straps

Each character is drawn by Haimerejzero and printed on hard acrylic, to hand proudly on… wherever you want to hang it. They will be packed individually in blind packets and you can try your luck for $6 each. Will you get Mami? Or will you get Homuhomu? No one knows till you open the packet.

Alternatively, you can just buy them all without the fuss of shaking or feeling those packets for $35. But… what’s the fun in that?

And these are only the stuff they have announced for now… … I wonder what else will be out~

But definitely not the Girl below~ And she is Chiya,’s poster girl! She is given a new coat of paint by Jeremiah of Collateral Damage Studios~ You will see more of her soon ne~

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