Today is the result day for AKB48 22rd Single’s General Election (Sousenkyo) Senbatsu 2011, and the results are out after a 2 hour thrilling ride. A few of the girls, I’m watching out for have rather good results. But I am disappointed with a 1 or 2 ranking… … Atleast for the girls I knew and kinda liked, the rankings are, not bad.

There are ups and downs, however, It’s all good when I know that Acchan is at the TOP!

But that means the chances of her coming to the SG theater is now at 0.01% … I’m sadden…

Below is the result of the Senbatsu from TokyoHive, since they even included the comments,


1. Maeda Atsuko – Team A – 139892 Votes

Media Senbatsu

2. Oshima Yuko – Team K – 122843 Votes – “I heard so many things, but for us your love is in votes. Thank you for all the love.”
3. Kashiwagi Yuki – Team B – 74252 Votes – “Third place… wow. Looking at the members around me doing their best, I feel like I need to be more ambitious.”
4. Shinoda Mariko – Team A – 60539 Votes – “I was incredibly nervous, but I’m so happy to be supported by this many people. Thank you.”
5. Watanabe Mayu – Team B – 59118 Votes – “I’ve been listening to the cheers of my fans, and now they’ve reached my heart.”
6. Kojima Haruna – Team A – 52920 Votes – “Really, thank you!”
7. Takahashi Minami – Team A – 52790 Votes – “My votes increased, and I hope I can take another step forward.”
8. Itano Tomomi – Team K – 50403 Votes – “Last year, I was really happy about being in fourth place. My rank went down to eighth this year, but… I want to do my best.” People in the crowd are mad as hell.
9. Sashihara Rino – Team A – 45227 Votes – “Really, thank you so much. Last year, I was 19th, and I didn’t think I would make it into the media senbatsu.”
10. Matsui Rena – Team S – 36929 Votes – “Everyone, please cheer me on after this. Thank you.”
11. Miyazawa Sae – Team K – 33500 Votes – “Last year I was at the incredible rank of ninth place. I’ve already spent time looking back at last year, and I hope to look forward with a level head now.”
12. Takajo Aki – Team A – 31009 Votes – “Since I was thirteen last year, I was aiming to raise my rank by one, and I’m really happy I was able to do that.”


13. Kitahara Rie – Team B – 27957 Votes – “I’m happy about my rank, and I’m also happy that I received more votes than last year.”
14. Matsui Jurina – Team S – 27804 Votes – “As senbatsu drew closer, I got really nervous, as I was hoping to get one rank higher than last year, but I feel incredibly happy due to the people supporting me.”
15. Minegishi Minami – Team K – 26070 Votes – “I was only aiming to raise my rank by one, which didn’t happen. However, I’m so happy at the increased number of people supporting me.”
16. Kasai Tomomi – Team B – 22857 Votes – “I feel so happy. I’m sorry for making my supporters worried. Please support me after this too.”
17. Akimoto Sayaka – Team K – 17154 Votes – “Really, thank you so much.”
18. Sato Amina – Team B – 16574 Votes – “Thanks to all of your support I was able to stand on stage with a smile.”
19. Yokoyama Yui – Team K – 16455 Votes – She was absolutely sobbing.
20. Masuda Yuka – Team B – 14137 Votes
21. Kuramochi Asuka – Team A – 12387 Votes – “I’m grateful to all of you for making it into senbatsu.”

Undergirls Center

22. Umeda Ayaka – Team K – “I’m happy to be standing on this stage. I’m so happy thinking that it’s because of each person’s ticket that I’m standing here.”


23. Takayanagi Akane – Team KII – 11674 Votes – “I’m happy with where I am, but it’s painful not to make it into senbatsu. Akimoto-sensei, you know how it is, please give us a speech.”
24. Nakagawa Haruka – Team A – 10854 Votes – “I ranked better last year, but thank you for supporting me!”
25. Ota Aika – Team A – 9910 Votes
26. Hirajima Natsumi – Team B – “Thanks so much, it’s unbelievable that I’ve been 26 for three years in a row.”
27. Miyazaki Miho – Team B – ? Votes
28. Yamamoto Sayaka – Team N – 8697 Votes
29. Oya Shizuka – Team A – 7264 Votes – “Thanks so much for cheering for a talentless person like me for four years.”
30. Oya Masana – Team S – 6660 Votes
31. Nito Moeno – Team K – 6288 Votes
32. Komori Mika – Team B – 6177 Votes
33. Hata Sawako – Team S – 6120 Votes
34. Sato Sumire – Team B – 5438 Votes – “Last year I was sad to be 31, but I’ll still be myself.”
35. Oba Mina – Team 4 – ? Votes – “I’ll show you a sparkling me.”
36. Suda Akari – Team S – 5343 Votes – “Thanks for putting me on a new starting line!”
37. Maeda Ami – Team A – ? Votes – “Thanks for voting for me!”
38. Matsui Sakiko – Team K – 5020 Votes – “Third time’s the charm. Please support me.”
39. Ichikawa Miori – Team 4 – 4928 Votes – “I want to be a fresh lemon!”
40. Fujie Reina – Team K – 4698 Votes – “I was anxious because I was 40 in the early results. I wanna be a super girl that everyone loves!”

Source: AKB48 Singapore Facebook | Tokyohive

So who are the girls you supported?

I really liked Acchan(1!), Takemina(7), Rena(10), Sakaya(17), Yui(19) and Miho(27)… too bad the last three in the list didn’t do too well…

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