Last Saturday was the AKB48 Singapore Official Cafe’s opening.

And here is a little picture of the ladies as waitress of the world’s first AKB48 Cafe~

Don't ask me for the name... I only got Yui(Twintail 2nd from the right) and Kogi Kiyo(the one that has a ribbon on the head like Takamina, Even have Takamina's leader feel... But not the height...)..

Three ladies of the AKB48 SG team vol.4 came ahead of the bunch and conducted the opening, they are Miyu Takeuchi(team 4), Haruka Shimazaki(team 4), and Maria Abe(research Student).

The cafe open it’s door to public at 3:30pm by the girls, followed by a walkabout around the area.

A note about the food: They are delicious, really! I especially like the Beef Curry, which I found out is actually made from the paste the chief made from scratch, together with the whole potato and the very tender beef… O(≧∇≦)O

It’s definitely not some cheapo packaged food from a super market.

In fact the menu is design by Japanese chefs specially for the Cafe, thus the standards are very high.

As for the price, they are quite reasonable. With a meal ranging from SG$15.90++

The three girls also had lunch at a media only session earlier in the day.

Picture from AKB48 blog

About 4:30pm: Haruka, Miyu and Maria is back at the cafe~ This time a surprise visit! Giving the diners a treat as good as or even better then their food.

It’s also mentioned in the blog that the rest of the girls also visited the cafe sometime later in the day. My visit to the cafe confirm that… An additional treat for the guest would be to see the signed chairs during their visit. Similarly, you can look at the signed poster of the girls on the glass walls.

Now for some pictures of the day, including some from the blog of AKB48’s members.


Found this on Rina's blog. It's a picture of her trying out the float, team B, when they visited~

I also found 1 interesting juice, that I didn’t drink in front of a certain Youtube video…

But in the cafe~

P.P.S: Maria is cute~ In or out of uniform~ Her actions and long hair reminds me of a certain anime character lol. One thing thou, she’s tall… Miyu in normal clothing is cute too~

Taken from Matsui Sakiko's Blog, this i believe is when they return to their hotel after rehearsal. They wore this to the cafe too~

11.30AM – 9.30PM
Location: 3rd Floor *SCAPE, Orchard (Beside Cineleisure)
Reach us at: +65 6636 9868

LUNCH: 11.30am – 2.30PM – From $14.90 with Choice of Soup or Salad
AFTERNOON TEA SPECIAL: 3.00pm – 5.30pm – Fr $14.80 with 1 FREE Drinks*!
DINNER: 6.00pm – 9.30pm – From $16.90 with Soup And Salad

Last order time
Lunch – 2.00pm
Teatime – 5.00pm
Dinner – 8.30pm

Opening promotion: +$2 for drinks*!
* Selected drinks only

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