Just you know, the results are out, but today I’m going to be making a post of the top 5 award winners.

This is pretty much a top 5 winner video post, so nothing much to read about, but you get to see them get their awards. If you watched the live telecast, then this is really just a recap, I guess

5th place: Watanabe Mayu, Team B


Votes: 50,9118
Last Senbatsu: 5th place
Comment: She mentions that she is glad to remain in the 5th position. Looks like she is indeed popular, but not my type? Is she you Oshimen?

4th place: Shinoda Mariko, Team A


Votes: 60,539
Last Senbatsu: 3rd place
Comment: I’m kinda disappointed, but who am I to say, I didn’t vote… But she dropped 1 placing… Marik0-sama is really like the Elder Sister I always wanted… Yes, I’m the eldest…

3rd place: Kashiwagi Yuki, Team K


Votes: 74,252
Last Senbatsu: 8th place
Comment: Her rise in the polls is exponential, rising from 8th to 3rd this year. But still I am not sure why… … Maybe Ken will enlighten me… but it’s not like I still have some place for her…

2nd place:Oshima Yuko, Team K


Votes: 122,843
Last Senbatsu: 1st place
Comment: It’s sad to see her lost, but I’ve have only recently succumb to her charms… And I feel bad now, thinking that I actually wanted her to lose. I’m ashamed…

1st place, New single’s Center: Maeda Atsuko, Team A


Votes: 139,892
Last Senbatsu: 2nd place
Comment: When I saw the result on Twitter/Facebook I was extremely delighted. Well it’s expected. But I really really liked her, so does the world! As proven by her overwhelming win over Yuko. Afterall, She is the face of AKB48! If you haven’t heard of her upcoming solo single, FLOWER, then you should!

And that concludes the 3rd senbatsu, It’s incredibly touching to see them accept the awards. But if you are following us recently, maybe you might be a bit sick about news of AKB48… So from now on, I’ll try not to post too many things about AKB48.

Allow me to do just 1 more post. My Declaration of Oshimens, thanks.

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