Another loot post in this month from me. Ouch, saying on the behalf of my wallet as well. This new arrival is a heck of a arrival from CDJapan, let’s get on with it.

First up, and quite long due, is B.L.T Voice Girls volume 6! Regular readers here should known by now this publication is something of a quarterly issue focusing on female artistes and seiyus who have worked on anime titles. And this time now, the cover features Nana Mizuki which is also her 2nd time being featured on the cover for B.L.T Voice Girls!

B.L.T Voice Girls volume 6, Nana Mizuki on the cover.

Some beautiful photos of Nana Mizuki.

Aya Hirano is back on the book as well.

Ito Kanae.


Aki Toyosaki! Yup, one of the member from Sphere and the voice of Yui from K-On!

Yes, finally, as they said, "Save the best for last" and here it is. The report on May'n's Budokan concert in March!

Finally, my copy of AKBがいっぱい is here!

Next item, as you can see from the photo above, is AKB48’s best music video blu ray. Titled 「AKBがいっぱい」, it contains 36 clips plus short interviews which in total encompasses 3 discs! Plus it comes with a plastic folder and a special photo book. The photos in the book looks good!

This side featuring the main senbatsu members.

The blu ray discs are kept in a nice box with artwork featuring the members. On the right is a special photo book that came along.

Wow, nicely arranged.

No Sleeves latest single ,「唇触れず。。。」.

Lastly, No Sleeves’ latest single, 「唇触れず。。。」. This is the unit’s 7th single and from the previous CD Lookout, this single image is quite outstanding. And the B-side song is as good as the main song as well!

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