The super rookie, Eguchi Aimi is official declared as a CGI… Well there are still many claiming that she is real and such… But this might change with an official website app on the Ai Su No Mi website allowing people to randomize choose the features of the Girls participating in the CM of AKB48, namely, Acchan, Yuko, Mariko, Tomomi, Mayuyu, Takamina, and Yukarin(wat’s she not in the CM?), Miichan, Miho… and Everyone else~

In fact, AKB48 Specialty site Melos no Michi did a wonderfully understandable post on why she is confirm to be face, quoting resources from Mainstream media and online research.

Here is a like bit of their findings,

Da ta! Have you give up yet?

If you have not, perhaps you wanna have a go at making your own oshimen thru the Application on Ai Su No Mi’s website.

Looks like Aimi didn’t brain fried a lot of people, like intended too… There is no riot near the AKB theater or Glico’s factory yet~

Now with video~


PS: Broken heart is not mine.

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