Eh… I just got a rather cute phone call… Something about a Soft Egg opening… or isit lunch, launch or something…

But I have also gotten an email from the PRs of the Cafe, a timeline of what might be happen tomorrow, Saturday, 25 June 2011.

At around 12:20pm, there will be a Soft Opening(is this wat refering them?(Not the PR)) for the invited guest, selected media and VIPs only… And we are not selected… … Sian…

Then at 3:3opm, the door is opened, and the cafe will be receiving their first customer. Will you be like Eriol at the SG Shop and get the 001 receipt by just sitting there sallow your cake or anything they gave you, then bill?

And follow some unofficial hints that, the AKB48 Girls might be having their lunch there or at least pop by. They might even parade the street! XD

*NOTE: I threw something in the line myself. Which one? I dunno. Don’t blame me if neither happens, it’s the management~

Also there will not be a hand shake session this Saturday. Sorry.

So who’s coming on Saturday?

  • わからないです~
  • あれもー
  • と みなさんか。

Seriously~ XD

Looks like I just loss some creditability points… … OTL…
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