Watanabe Mayu to commorate AKB48 Official Shop Taiwan Opening with handshake event

It has been announced that Watanabe Mayu, one of AKB48’s most popular members, will be holding a handshake event in conjunction with the launch of the AKB48 Official Shop in Taiwan!

The Official Shop opens on June 12th. On that day, 500 lucky fans will have the chance to shake hands with Mayuyu! There are also certain exclusives only available at the Taiwan Official Shop.

To be able to participate in the draw for a handshake ticket, you must first register as a member on the website of the Official Shop. Detailed instructions can be found here.


Date: June 12th, 2011
Time: TBA (Afternoon)
Number Of Participants: 500
Place: AKB48 Official Shop Taiwan (Ximending Eslite 116 B1F)


Source: AKB48 Official Shop Taiwan

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