Update: looks like Lantis got something new… and it features the girls above… Special 4?

Oricon revealed the members of the group SEA☆A, as mentioned before, they are Beryl(ベリル/20)、Valerie(ヴァレリー/20)、Wynnie(ウィニー/21 aka Moe aka Sakana)、and Estelle(エステル/18 aka Tomomi).

Aren’t they all so cute! And should you have visited the AFA 09 and 10 MMK Maid Cafe, you will find them rather familiar.

The song they have sang in May’n Asia Tour is named “Dream Shooter” as revealed in the article, as well as an explanation of their group name, SEA☆A.

SEA is meant to be South East Asia and A means Anime, thus SEA☆A. A meaningful name that reflects their origin and love for anime, don’t you think?

They will be continuing to be the opening act for May’n Asia Tour in Taiwan, and Hong Kong. I sure hope to see them perform in Singapore, their home ground!

Coming 24th May, they will be fully reveal with something… hmm..

Source: Oricon


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