On the 5th of June 2011, Sunday, at *SCAPE. HARU a retailer there will be holding the Haru Bazaar, and a Special Cosplay cafe. There will be a hold string of events, exhibition and a flea market, with the theme being the Cosplay and Anime market.

Highlighted participant of the market includes,

  • Collateral Damage Studios, with their latest Pokemon Strap and Pokemon themed items.
  • Lolita69, a shop ran by a Japanese selling Lolita outfits.
  • and many more~

There is even going to be a Karaoke competition, Cosplay fashion walk and competition, Games and etc. Haru Bazaar will be ongoing from 11am to 6pm in the evening.

Additionally, a special edition of Haru Cafe on the same day at *SCAPE 5th level’s Gallery from 12pm to 6pm. The cafe is special because a team of butler and maid from around the world will be serving you.

Entrance fee for the cafe is $15, which you can then spend of the food inside.

Looking at their description, it seems like an interesting proposal,

Savour our exquisite selection of pastries and sweets, while basking in the warm and elegant service provided by our charming butlers and cute maids in a classic and romantic ambiance~!

Each entrance ticket will be $15 (Fully redeemable for food/games/polariods).
Pre booking special $12, at door $15
Pre tickets selling in Haru (Scape #02-31)

Check out our hourly special dishes!!!
Those who purchase the limited hourly special dishes, will be personally brought to you by ur choice butler/maid who will then add a personal touch to it ♥

Hourly seating as per usual at 12pm,1pm,2pm,3pm,4pm,5pm
Walk-ins will be served on a first come first serve basis.

Those who take polaroids with our maids or butlers during the event, remember to look out for our special contest after the event at Haru Cafe page~!

Haru Cafe Page – http://www.facebook.com/HaruCafe

Haru Cafe Album Page – http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=154048244632098

Haru Cafe Video Page – http://www.facebook.com/video/?id=154048244632098%2F%3Fid%3D154048244632098

Pre-tickets open for sale at Haru now~ ♥

Now here, a bit more about the Haru Bazaar,

Haru bazaar welcomes you to an interesting showcase of Japanese subculture fashion, hobby collections, doujin and cosplay, only at SCAPE!

*Exhibit/Sale of figurines/gundam/dollfies (booth owner’s collection)
*Doujin Art (Collateral Damage Studios, individual artists)
*2nd hand costumes, accessories, wigs etc
*2nd hand mangas, magazines, books etc
*Dollfie clothings, accessories etc
*Cosplay/Japanese Sub-culture Fashion contest
*Japanese Karaoke contest
*Haru Stars/Friends Performances
*Lucky Pot
*Teenage Magazine
*Haru Cafe (Butler & Maid) RSVP – http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=179914342054551

10.30am – Setting of booth
11am – Start of bazaar
12pm – Meet the butlers & maids!
1pm – Special Game Time w prizes!
2pm – Karaoke competiton
3pm – Cosplay competition
4pm – Haru Star performance
5pm – Lucky Draw + Prizes giving
6pm – End of Bazaar
Bloggers and photographers welcome! Dun forget to bring your friends, may it be sellers or buyers or just wanna have fun ^_^
Contest (Cosplay/Japanese Subculture Fashion)
You will need to register first, just let us know ur name, contact, and what you’ll be cosplaying.
Prizes as follows~
1st prize $150 Haru cash voucher + $50 goodie bag
2nd prize $100 Haru cash voucher + $30 goodie bag
3rd prize $50 Haru cash voucher + $10 goodie bag

Japanese Karaoke Contest
You will need to register first, just let us know ur name, contact, and what you will be singing. You will need to provide your own music. We are most pleased to have Miss Anna, who is a half Japanese to be one of the judges for the Karaoke competition~!

Prizes as follows~
1st prize $100 Haru cash voucher + $50 goodie bag
2nd prize $50 Haru cash voucher + $30 goodie bag
3rd prize $30 Haru cash voucher + $10 goodie bag

Per booth rental $20 (Booths are allocated on first come first serve basics)
Table 2 ft by 4 ft x 1
Chairs x 1

Open catagory –
Doujin, Artist fanart, Dollfie display exhibition/sale & Figurine display exhibition/sale, used cosplay costumes/wigs/accessories, used subculture fashion clothings/accessories, related books/magazines, used comics (no yaoi/yuri or porno content pls).

Booth registration – Open
Cosplay competition – Open
Japanese Subculture competition – Open
Karaoke competition – Closed

You may attend wearing casual or dress up, its all up to u! Have fun! ^_^

Website: Haru Bazaar FB Event page | Haru Cafe FB Event Page

Similarly, SGComifest2 will also be held on the 4th and 5th of June over at the Civil Servant Club in Bukit Batok.

So there is actually plenty to do on that particular weekend.  Let’s not forget May’n Asia Tour on the 4th at *SCAPE.

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