AKB48 Singapore held a hand-shake session this afternoon, 28 May at the Gallery,*SCAPE.

The event was something not to be missed. Three of the ladies, Akimoto Sayaka (Leader of Team K), Uemda Ayaka , and Nito Moeno were the special guests for todays event.

Well, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the event was delayed around 30 mins. But all the fans waited patiently. Some even prepared cheers for when the ladies arrived!

Finally, when the ladies arrived, they were greeted by cheers and shouts by the crowd. After a brief introduction and briefing by the staff, the handshake event went underway.

And what an event it was! I had a chance to take part as well and what can I say……….It was pure bliss.
I have never expected to see Sayaka face to face in my life.

We also saw many young fans and family coming.

Its still quite hard to believe that I have shook hands and talked to 3 girls from Team K.

After the handshake event, the ladies also checked out the AKB48 Singapore store today.

They hung around taking pictures and soak up the atmosphere there.
Do look out for their comments and pictures in their respective blogs.

Picture Credits:AsiaPRWerkz

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