Yes, after a delay due to a combination of Golden Week holidays in Japan and the Polling Day in Singapore, my latest batch of goodies from CDJapan finally reached my desk.

The usual excellent packing by CDJapan.

Full loot. Excuse some items as comrades are piggyback on this order to save shipping as well.

And here's what I have ordered.2 books and 3 albums/single.

So, taking away the items that comrades piggybacked and here’s what I got:

LiSA’s first solo mini album 「Letters to U」.
Kana Nishino’s 「DISTANCE」single.
Macross F movie OST「劇場版マクロスF サヨナラノツバサ netabare album the end of”triangle”」.
AKB48’s Haruna Kojima photobook「女の子の神様」.
Lastly, and finally…..
May’n部長’s first artist book「LIVEALIVE」!!!!

For this post, I shall proceed with the albums and the single. As for the books, they will be featured on a post of their own.

Not sure if it is obvious, but the front cover is glittery.

First up, Kana Nishino’s single 「DISTANCE」. A excellent single, especially for 「DISTANCE」as I once replayed up to 4-5 times along in a single day. I don’t frequently tune in to RnB, but Kana-yan’s music is quite a stand out to me. If you are looking for other music to listen to, do try out her songs.

LiSA's first solo mini-album, 「Letters to U」.

Next, is LiSA’s first solo mini album. Most of you readers should find her name very familiar. Yes, indeed, she IS the LiSA featured in Girls’ Dead Monster singles and albums for 「Angel Beats!」.

This mini album is different from those she had sang under GDM, but nevertheless, LiSA is doing a excellent job here as well. Namely the first and last tracks are very easy to get the replay button clicked often. You should try it especially if you liked her singing from the GDM times.

Macross F Movie 「サヨナラノツバサ」OST「劇場版マクロスF サヨナラノツバサ netabare album the end of”triangle”」.

Finally, Macross F Movie 「サヨナラノツバサ」OST「劇場版マクロスF サヨナラノツバサ netabare album the end of”triangle”」. Been a while since there’s a new OST under the Macross F name and this concludes the movie series as well. Surprisingly, just 1 disc and some number of soundtracks only as the remaining were dominated by May’n & Megumi songs.

A younger Alto plus is that Sheryl?!

Nevertheless, it is a good OST still, and man, I am really itching to catch the movie, can’t wait for the official announcements for the bluray releases!

And that sums it up for this first half of my loot post.

9th May arrival part 2.
9th May arrival part 3.

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