Ok, yesterday I went to the HTC Flyer’s Launch event, but before I am there, I got spoiled by one of the 2 major local major tech blogs. I found out that the price is not pretty, at $1068 a pop, it’s indeed not pretty.

And so during a short break, I spoke to Mr. Wayne Tang, product manager of HTC Singapore, why?

And so, he cite the Flyer’s Uni-body Aluminum build and the reliability of the product as well as the HTC SENSE as the advantage and there fore the slight premium needed, in fact are even certain services coming in the months ahead to further value add the Flyer.

Well, I agree, to a certain extend, since the Flyer is indeed a solid piece of work and the Sense UI is really beautiful, but the really unique part is the scribe pen that comes with it.

Allowing for people to capture screen shots with a tab, scribble then share the it via email, tweeter, or facebook. Making sharing certain information online easy. Mind you, the note function is also nifty, along with the ability to sync via evernote and there are even free Ebooks via Kubo to read from.

There are even some wonderful apps like Polaris Office for productivity and Teeter… that ever irritating game. Did I mention that you can even print your notes out using some printers and for those who loves to draw in books, you can do so on the Ebooks.

Also during my questioning, I also found out that, the package will also include a pouch, for the flyer and the pen, which is powered by a AAAA battery… O_O! It’s my first time seeing a AAAA battery!

Spec wise, It’s quite a powerful Flyer, not high but enough.

CPU: Qualcomm MSM 8255, 1.5GHz
UI: Android 2.3 with HTC Sense.
Storage: 32GB, optional addition with MicroSD
Weight: 420g
Connectivity: 3G, HSPA/WCDMA, Wifi b/g/n, Bluetooth
Camera: 1.2mp(front), 5mp(back)
Screen: 1024×600, 7″ TFT screen, with 6 touch points.

To sum it up, here is a list of 5 thing i like about it,

5. Aluminum Uni body design, it’s really really beautiful.

4. The Scribble screenshot and then sharing with either email or the social media.

3. The note with timestamp, voice recording, and sync with evernote.

2. EBooks with Kubo, providing thousands of free books, there are books you can busy as well!

1. The Pen is actually, quite responsive, mush like a wacom… almost. The Pen app is also easy to use.


My 5 biggest problems with it are,

5.Written scribbles are can not turned into words, in the notes…

4. No replaceable battery, yes, you cannot change the battery, it’s built in. But no big deal right?

3. It’s not that light, at 420g… even though it’s a 7″, but it’s really solid. Even Transformer is only 680g

2. It can’t make phone calls and SMS! Nope, no dialer is present, thou you can Skype and video call.

1. The Price! I know it’s a SRP… but It’s really over priced… … … Now it depends on the telcos to see how much they will be offering it or the retailers offer…

In fact, No.1 is a major factor to my consideration… of it’s purchase in the next few months… given that more tablets are getting released, and some are honestly better.

Still the above are my observations and opinions. To those who wants one, the flyer is a competent media provider, with parts to even display video onto tvs thru HDMI.

But if you are not so rich like me… This Flyer… might just not fly with you… HTC Flyer will be made available through Authorized Retailers and Telcos from 1st May.

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