Rock musician GACKT has taken the role to lead the “SHOW YOUR HEART” campaign to raise money in 130 different places accross Japan. He started at 5 PM on March 31st and is backed by the Nagoya JR train station.

One hundred fifty talents and athletes, as well as 5000 volunteers, have joined GACKT in this campaign to raise money for the Tohoku victims.

A very involved GACKT went out, bowed, and met with people on the street to raise money, and asked that people give their courage and strength to those in need. Many female fans of the singer stood in a long line with ¥1,000 bills and placed them in the donation box. GACKT shook each other their hands and gave his thanks as each one donated.

More than ¥170,000,000 was donated by enterprises and celebrities such as Noriko Fujiwara and Takahashi Hisanori.

Starting on April 3rd to the 4th, 10 countries will also participate in this venture. Volunteers from South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, America, Germany, Australia, and Singapore are among the countries.


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