Things must resume normal service at a point of time, whether is it now or later. But for this moment, things seemed normal for now and with that, time for some review of a new release finally.

For this post, I shall cover SCANDAL’s latest DVD release, 「EVERYBODY SAY YEAH」 TEMPTATION BOX TOUR 2010 ZEPP Tokyo. Last summer, the girls embarked on their tour, spanning from September till October and this release covers the performance they did at the final venue, ZEPP Tokyo.

Cover of the DVD. Personally, I will prefer photos of the girls in person, but this illustration looks fine as well.

The cover looks interesting and what a wonderful illustration of the girls as well; but personally, I will prefer a cover with photos of them in person.

Opening up, the usual DVD is on the right, and yet again, EPIC/Sony chose to include a very simple foldout picture instead of a full fledged booklet with lyrics of the songs they performed plus extra photos from the concert. Maybe due to the fact that its just a concert from a summer tour, they probably do not want to focus much on these? Anyway, they at least make up a little with a wonderful image which you can see below.

Enough of the packaging and let’s head on to the concert proper.

Since the tour name is 「EVERYBODY SAY YEAH」 TEMPTATION BOX TOUR 2010, nothing beats kicking off the final leg of this tour with the song 「EVERYBODY SAY YEAH」, and with that, the 2 thousand odd capacity crowd at ZEPP TOKYO got going early on. Certainly against the studio recording that I have been hearing off the CD, this ‘LIVE’ version is really something that gets even me to SAY YEAH!

Following that is 「GIRLISM」, the girls are having fun and seems to enjoying this LIVE off the start, MAMI’s guitar play is certainly terrific. Simply shows how far they have come to now. Next song got the crowd hyped up the moment the first notes hit. SCANDAL’s first major single 「DOLL」. The girls mixed it up by forgoing their gears doing the vocals only, save for RINA on the drums for the 2nd part of the song before the chorus, and yes, its very well done.

A short MC part followed, and the most epic part of this LIVE in my opinion came. 「HI-HI-HI」, a song that we can get to see TOMO displaying her abilities on the bass. The part where she did the solo is simply spectacular, ‘EPIC BASS SLAPPIN’!” as my friends who plays bass as well calls it. Yes, certainly a wonderful solo effect by the ever kawaii bassist!

「PLAYBOY PART II」 & 「BEAUTeen!」came after that and previously on their first LIVE DVD, 「TOKYO」was the song that they performed in a very unusual manner, some simple but deadly dose of kawaii choreography and singing, completely hands free off their precious gears. This time round, its 「少女M」and what a treat we gotten. The girls did a little march, with MAMI doing the main VOCALS plus some very heavy dose of kawaii choreography by the girls, and yes, the crowd even followed the girls’ choreography! Plus, RINA got to some a wee bit of time of the keyboard! Best of all, MAMI, took a CANTA doll, kissed it and subsequently threw out to the fans! Certainly, what a wonderful item by the girls for this LIVE!

Next item, 「少女S」, one of the OP for Bleach TV anime series, and up next is 「放課後1H」, started off with a school bell ringing, even the song title means after class 1H literally. What a fine solo on the main vocals by TOMO, another of my favorite for this DVD. While 「HI-HI-HI」is epic, this next song is well, I will say, 一番がすきです!

「スイッチ」, a slow paced and instrumental-wise, a very well worked, harmoniously blended song. Of course, plus TOMO I say, one of the best LIVE vocals I have seen so far. And yes, we get to get a short glimpse of RINA double pedaling on the drums.

For the short encore, started with 「Shining Sun」then「さよならMy Friend」where HARUNA played with a acoustic guitar for the song and lastly how can a SCANDAL LIVE event not end with 「SCANDAL BABY」!

This concert DVD covers the final leg of their summer tour last year, all in all a total of 19 songs were performed for the DVD, however, I have sources claiming one of the song from the final tracklist and it is said to be 「スキャンダルなんかブッ飛ばせ」. Which personally, I find it a big bummer, since they did not performed it during the last AFA here in Singapore, I am looking forward to watch them play this song LIVE. Ohh well.

Comparing to the first DVD, the girls do really have come of age now, more composed on the stage and seemed to enjoying the performance, importantly. fans like me are certainly happy to watch such a splendid concert.

The DVD is now available for purchase at cdjapan for ¥4300.

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