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And the winners are… …

As if I cared… although in 2010, there were many very good animes like, Kagurahime, Panty and Stocking, Angel Beats!, High School of the Dead, The world god only knows, Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai, Giant Killing, Maid Sama, Asobi ni iku yo!, Working!, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, Mayoi Neko Overrun! and etc.

The current situation in Tokyo, does not permit the award to be given fairly, since they have to be some what popular but does not break the new ordinances… Something that will effectively reduce the list I have stated above.

This anime did not win anything, neither did the listed ones above...

In short, the winners are kinda hollow… …with only 6 titles taking the 10 awards… not include Toy story 3 for the Best International Animated film…*Really?!, I find UP a lot better*

Here are actual winners,

Best Featured Film: Karigurashi no Arrietty (Arrietty the borrower)


The Miyazaki film of the year… well, that was easy… … It’s a Ghibli film afterall…

Best TV: K-On!! and The Tatami Galaxy.


2 titles… but I seriously thought Kagurahime is good, and Giant Killing should make it… Even Soremachi would do good… Not to forget High School of the Dead… However, putting K-On!! in is always a good choice… from the list that they can actually award to…

Best Domestic Featured Films… …: Karigurashi no Arrietty (Arrietty the borrower)


Oh come on! That title have already got the best featured… can’t they give this to some one else… like Welcome to  the Space Show or Macross Frontier the Movie or Haruhi Suzumiyah…

International Featured Animated Film: Toy Story 3


Haiz…  I still find UP or How to train a dragon, better.

Best OVA: Gundam Unicorn


This, they do not have a choice… Since the other stuff like KissXsis will be way out of their comfort zone… lol. On a related note, you will be able to catch this “award wining” OVA at the Japan Entertainment Platform, from 4th to 6th of march at the Republic Polytechnic.

Best Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Arrietty the Borrower


Not qualitified to comment…

Best Screenplay: Miho Maruo, Colorful

oops wrong one… See the below…


Is it really good? Haven’t seen it yet… But from the trailer, it seem fairly interesting.

Best Art Direction: Youji Takeshige and Noboru Yoshida, Arrietty the Borrower

Sharks… I’m running out of videos on Arrietty the Borrower…

If Panty and Stocking can qualify for this award, I’m quite sure they would have napped this…

Best Character Design: Yoshihiko Umakoshi, Heartcatch Precure!


Yah, both heartcatch are really good looking but when compared to the complexity of the characters, which constitute design as well, I seriously think Ore No Imoto would be a good choice. Or Kagura Hime.

Best Voice Actor/Actress: Aki Toyosaki, K-ON!! (Yui Hirasawa)


Aki Toyosaki is good, but I thought Kana Hanazawa should have also stand a chance to win this. And did you notice, this year there is only 1 winner… Previous years, there will be Male and Female winner.

Best Music: Cécile Corbel, Arrietty the Borrower.


It’s a good piece of Music… But well… … Yoko Kano could win this as well, with the songs from Macross Frontier Movie.

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