On March 18th, Korean girl band KARA released messages to the victims of the March 11th earthquake in Japan.  The girls have previously announced that they would be donating all the proceeds from their new single “Jet Coaster Love” for disaster relief.

Check out KARA’s messages below!

We express our sympathy and condolences to everyone in the stricken-areas, and in Japan. We are heartbroken over what happened to Japan. As we have given up visiting Japan [for now], we are very disappointed that we cannot directly express our sympathies. We will support [disaster relief] in order to help even a little.

(To all the beloved fans)
Everyone… how should I greet you…
Above all, I am truly worried about your safety and health.
While filming for our drama, we were very surprised by the sudden earthquake, but I am sure you all were far more surprised than us.
Since coming back to Korea, I have been using the Internet and news to understand the situation in Japan. [My] strong prayer that everyone is without injuries… I am not sure how I should express [this feeling].
I am praying that you will overcome the frightening, dangerous situation and that we can meet in a healthy state as soon as possible.
There are many people supporting you, including me, so please don’t lose your hope and be strong.

(To the fans who are affected by difficulty)
Around lunchtime on the 11th … I experienced my first earthquake ever in Japan. It was an indescribable feeling. When I hurriedly turned on the television, the news showed sights that I had not even seen in movies. I can’t use one word to express it. Even for a day, I could not sleep from fear.
Right now, many people are in a state of unrest and fear that I cannot imagine. I pray that the time when your hearts can experience relief comes quickly.
What kind of words, what kind of aid can I provide?
Although it is a small thing, I hope [you] can find light and strength, which definitely exist. Although it is a difficult and tough time, I believe you all have the courage to overcome [it]. Please be strong!

(To all the fans)
[The earthquake] was something that tremendously influenced many people’s lives.
Although the earthquake which hurt family and friends must have brought unimaginable pain and confusion to all of Japan, everyone in Japan, please don’t lose your hope and your faith. I am rooting for you all!

(To all the beloved fans)
I tried to continue to watch over the earthquake situation in Japan using the Internet and news today, but when I saw news that was far crueler than what I had imagined, it was difficult for me to continue watching.
All I can think right now is that I hope everyone can come out of this disaster as quickly as possible.
Like the saying, “If you share happiness, it doubles, if you share sadness, it halves”, I hope I can share the pain of people in Japan.
Please don’t lose hope, and be strong!

This is KARA’s Jiyoung. I am sure it is very difficult right now due to the earthquake in Japan. In this situation, the only thing I can do is pray that everyone is safe … we KARA were able to work hard everyday because all the fans have always given [us] support!! So now, I am rooting a lot for you. Everyone!! Don’t lose to the earthquake. I am also looking forward to seeing you all again.
We will also become stronger, so everyone please be strong. I am rooting for you! Do your best!


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