Will be away during 20 March ~ 29 March to the anime kingdom! ^_^
In fact, tueac and kenneth will away around that period too! But I am on different itinerary with them.. (;_;)

Is there anything in specific anyone would like to see or for me to cover on? Feel free to drop your comment here!Will be covering TAF and ACE though…

Will be doing giveaway during end March to early April, stay tuned! (That is if I managed to squeeze some illustration from Reine Hibiki and Kazuki Yone or find something nice to bring back!) 

Oh ya, will be also catch a concert there during my stay on the 21st, or rather, I changed my whole Japan trip plan and bleeded alot moolah to squeeze in this concert into my original confirmed trip, which was 23 March ~ 29 March. Because of this concert, I have to give up my original air ticket and purchase a set of tickets as they don’t allow me to change upon issued air ticket. So yeah, basically had a very bad experience in my first oversea trip in tickets booking.

Here’s the concert I am attending!


It’s a Sakura Wars event! Seiyuu Yokoyama Chisa (seiyuu of Shinguji Sakura) is going to sing 200 songs at this event! Kind of crazy but yes! (^_^)
Well, since it’s a Sakura Wars event, I definately have to die die drag myself there to experience the powaahh of Sakura Wars live!
Special guest of the live will be Takano Urara, the seiyuu of Maria Tachibana in Sakura Wars. I actually very much look forward to meet Takano Urara as I am a fan of hers for quite a while! Hurray~^^

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