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During Anime Festival Asia X, ANGELA, the band behind some of the most memorable Anisong, came for their first South East Asian performance. And during that time, we managed to catch up with them, along with a few other writers for a short interview.

And here is our short encounter with ANGELA, dozo.

How do you feel about your first live in Singapore?

Atsuko(A) – To tell the truth, I am kinda nervous with how the fans will react, and is wondering if the
fans will understand us.

Katsu Onii-Sama(OS) – Yesterday, I was free and went to the street for a walk. And I am surprised that people here
recognizes me!

Being a two person group, are there any conflict?

OS – Making the best music is our goal and opinions are different at times, so we do quarrel.

Why do you choose Angela?

OS – There is a rock band in the US, during the 1950s. And their name is Angela, and I like them a

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It’s a female name, so don’t you feel weird?

OS – Yup, it can be embarrassing but it’s a representation of our Goal. So it’s ok.

There are many ani-song artists, how do you differentiate yourself among the many others out

A – Anime is a very big industry, and ani-song is a very important section with opening and closing
song. So we want to make songs that we like and can fit the scenario of the anime that can be
chosen by the anime producers.

A lot of people believe that Shangri-la is the song that made ANGELA famous, do you think so?

A– Shangri-la, was made for Sokyuu no Fafner, it is amazing that the song can become so famous
and it’s beyond our expectations.

OS – The new song for the Fafner is coming up*, in the cinemas of Japan.

*note: The new Soukyuu no Fafner: HEAVEN AND EARTH opens in Japan on the 22nd of December.

[FB 10150144996839493]

When you go to other countries for promotions, do you have a problem with languages?

OS – We do not emphasize on our own popularity but more popularity of the animes that we sing
for. So no problem.

Which ANGELA songs are your Favorite song, you favorite Anisong and your favorite Anime?

A – First for the Angela songs that I liked, well it would be the the songs for Soukyuu no Fafner: HEAVEN AND EARTH, too bad it’s not on sale now. As for the favorite Anisong, Cruel Angel Thesis and then Evangelion for the favorite anime.

OS – Same as Atsuko-san for Favorite Angela song. Then Tamashi no Refrain from the Gundam series, then Evagenlion for the favorite anime.

Who inspired you to make your music?

A – Michael Jackson, Madonna, and generally

OS – We like the genre, like Jazz, rock, and etc, and then take their favorite part as inspiration.

What type of concept does ANGELA usually portrait themselves on stage?

A – The AKB 48’s concert during AFA is good, and it made me nervous. But I cannot say how
Angela will be like on stage, since we ourselves will only find out when we are on it.

Can you do a short shout out to all your fans on video?


– End of Interview –

Man, their performance during AFA X is definitely good~

You know what? ANGELA will be performing in Singapore at the Japan Entertainment Platform(JPLEX) on the 5th of March,
and the tickets are now on sale at Gatecrash at $98.

Also performing at JPLEX is the band FLOW.

JPLEX will be held at Republic Polytechnic from the 4th to the 6th of March, with highlights like the
screening of Anime movies like Soukyuu no Fafner: HEAVEN AND EARTH , which ANGELA sang
the Theme songs for.

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