Evil Ryu, whose presence in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition was originally leaked out a couple months ago, is finally getting his official debut.

The blue-clad “murderous rage” version of Ryu officially becomes available in Japanese arcades on March 25. Oni-Akuma, the other secret character first touted back in January, is apparently becoming available just a bit later on.

“Each skill on Evil Ryu launches more slowly than regular Ryu, but tends to have more force,” wrote Japan’s Famitsu magazine in their coverage. “The control feel is nearly the same as Ryu, but the basic attacks that get used the most, like crouching medium or heavy kicks, launch more slowly as well. On the other hand, the opening after firing a hadouken is smaller, which seemed to make him pretty strong in projectile combat. Like Akuma, he doesn’t have much energy, so fighting with him using the same style as Ryu will get you defeated pretty quickly.”


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