Many eager faces filled the room, ready to prove their worth against their opponents. You could feel tension in the air as these players fought it out in the biggest Weiss Schwarz event in Singapore yet, a 128-man double elimination match. This tournament marked Bushiroad SEA first ever opening event here. It had such overwhelming response that more slots were opened up, making it a 170-man tournament.

Everyone who took part in the tournament had something to take home:

There were other events there as well such as Vanguard teaching sessions, a Chaos Neo Standard 32 man tournament, a Vanguard Mini Tournament as well as a Victory Spark Neo Standard 32 man tournament.

Alot of Bushiroad’s products were sold there as well. Got my vanguard trial deck there. X)

Credits:orenoturn(card images)


Additional Report by Tueac:

They are just playing Janken... Seriously.

I also went to the event but it’s towards the end, and after some clarification with the organizers, it is estimated that the turnout for the opening tournament is around 300, since no actual head count is actually done.

Towards the end thous is where the highlight comes, a chance to challenge a representative from Bushiroad, to win a Vanguard PR Card. Inorder to challenge him thou, one have to be good at Jankan first.

Not many managed to win, but some came quite close, one of them is the youngest participant of the event at 13 years old. I’m not sure of his name so, I wouldn’t publish it here…

Well he didn’t win but to encourage him, he is still given a PR Card, not so lucky for the other older members…

wipeout... or just bad luck...

Either way, Vanguard is proving to be quite popular in Singapore, as more starts to play the game. And perhaps there will be more chance to have events like this, as Bushiroad SEA is hoping to have events like this, every 3 to 4 months.

However the first tournament event, did meet with some hick-up since there are more players, the end of the event is delayed but almost 2 hours, well no big deal, since it means more time to play.

Btw, here are the winners of the tournament,

There is also a lucky draw at the end of the event.

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