The 8th of March marked a very important day. It was the grand opening of Bushiroad Southeast Asia. We, at Ani-Culture, had the privilege of attending this event.

Mr Takaaki Kidani, the director of Bushiroad gave the opening speech at the event.

Telling us a little background info on Bushiroad Inc. Started in 2007, Bushiroad plans, develops and sells various kinds of trading card games(TCG). Some of their popular card series include ‘Weiss Schwarz’, ‘Victory Spark’ as well as ‘AlicexCross’. Recently, they have also begin to create original content such as ‘Weiss Survive’, ‘Detective Opera Milky Holmes’ as well as their new and upcoming TCG, ‘Vanguard’.

We were then treated to a short presentation on their new Trading Card series, Vanguard. What is Vanguard? Well, it is a huge project consisting of multiple media which focuses on a card game as its core.

As of now, Vanguard has a serialized comic, a currently airing-in-Japan anime series, a internet radio show, as well as a mobile game. Late last month, 2 trial decks have been released for Vanguard with the first volume of boosters coming on 12th March.

We were given a glimpse of their upcoming products and we have to say, Vanguard fans will be occupied all the way till Aug, with a new volume of boosters out roughly every 2 months as well as 2 more trial decks in the works. There will also be shop tournaments as well, where the best players will fight it out in the grand finals in Japan during August.

We were then treated to a preview of some of the CMs for Bushiroad products.

Next was the presentation by Director of BushiroadSEA, Mr Masayuki Goto, to show tell what is the goal of the regional representative. As the president of Bushiroad SEA, he would like push promote further their card games in the region by, bringing the anime and manga to local and regional TVs and bookstore, Translating Vanguard the Card game into English and then Chinese even.

Together with partners like Dentsu Singapore, they hope to bring Vanguard the anime to the regional TV station within the year. Other then the card games and Vanguard, Bushiroad SEA will also be doing anime distribution, currently they have 3 titles under their belt for the SEA region. They are the Card fighter Vanguard, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, and Angel Beats!

He even joked about how currently, his office is his apartment, since their office at sunshine plaza is still not ready yet.

Overall their goal is to achieve the title of No.1 Card Game company in the world and SEA is their first step!

The event also invited Mr. Akiro Suzuki, from Dentsu Singapore and  Mr. Liew, CEO of Genesis Frontier, onto the stage to share their plans with regards to Bushiroad’s expansion and what they are expecting.

The event is then round off with a traditional toast(with champagne) to commemorate the event, followed by a nice reception, with very delicious tempura.(^_-)☆

On a different not, the goodies bags given at the event even contains some rather interesting stuff, like the promotional only Half-decks with the dueling mat and limited edition card holders.

But in order to commemorate the launch, We have something nice to give away, the Trial Deck!

Look out for more information soon~

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