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This is Kaede, your new writer of Ani-Culture~
Been thinking of what to write as first post in here, thus, here it is! A self introduction… ^^;;  A rather informal one too… Gomen ne~
Working as an exhibition designer, my aim is to hold my own anime exhibition in the future! I do illustration on my free time, but still a novice in illustration on wacom though…

The all time favourite anime/game of mine is Sakura Wars, a fan of it for more than a decade! ^^ I am always on the look-out for latest news on Sakura Wars and the seiyuu! However, only the Tokyo Hanagumi captured my heart… ~_~;
Feel free to talk with me if you love Sakura Wars!

I love yuri/yaoi titles! ^^ Pretty off track of yaoi nowadays though.. Mystery and heartwarming anime are my cuppa tea!

Current loves are; Sakura Wars, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Maria sama ga Miteru, Hakuouki, Vocaloids, K-on!, Aa! Megami sama! Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni… etc. (too much to list out…^^;;)

Current Seiyuu list are, Orikasa Ai, Takano Urara, Yokoyama Chisa, Itou Miki, Hanazawa Kana…

Current illustrators/mangaka are, Reine Hibiki (Maria sama ga Miteru), Kazuki Yone (Hakuouki), Fujishima Kousuke (Aa! Megami Sama!, Sakura Wars), Hidenori Matsubara (Aa! Megami Sama!, Sakura Wars)…

The areas of anime I am going to cover will mostly revolve around illustrators, seiyuu, yuri/shoujo ai.

Stay tuned ne! ^^

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