It’s is with great honor that I am able to write this, just like the first post was made exactly 1 year ago.

The first post, a simple placeholder to tell that we are now in business and do look forward to more started everything, from our first major coverage at May’n Asia tour 2010to Anime Festival Asia X. Along the way we have had a lot of fun, and even met with many other bloggers, comrades, creators and industry people.

I would to thanks the following groups for their support in 2010,

SOZO, KareKanojoNoMise, Genesis Frontier, Hobby Arts Gallery, Toycoin, Collateral Damage Studios, Comix Pandora, Daiyaku, Dannychoo,, Scandal Heaven, CDJapan, May’n Fanclub Japan,  fellow comrades and last but not least our host Dreamhost… Although sometimes it can be a nightmare…

We have over time see much growth in our readership. And for a small blog like us, it’s heartening to know that you guys care!


Well… we might not be professional enough… in fact we still have some AFA X stuff to post… Haiz… looks like we are overflowing with backlogs, lol.

Either way, all this achievements must be credited to the fellow writers and guest writers at

And lets not forget, YOU, yes, YOU, the one reading this post.

Thank you!



So we strive to make this site even better, to make it worthy of your time! And you can help too! By making a contribution(not cash), maybe an article or some tips or a news that you feel we should cover, feel free to email us at, We will credit you of cos!


Now for the interesting part, looks like SOZO, the organizers of AFA X and the upcoming JPLEX is generous enough to sponsor a pair of tickets to the movie Sokyuu no Fafner: Heaven and Earth, for us to giveaway.


But this is not without some work of cos.

In order to win the pair of tickets, I would need you to comment either on this post or on the Facebook page entry, about who you will bring to the Movies and why?

The most Fafner like answer will win! May the best answer win!

Please also state on which day, you are most likely able to attend the screening.
And this is only for people in Singapore.

This might not be the last of the Give Aways so, Stay tune!

Note: What is Fafner like? I dunno, it’s the feeling I guess~

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