The first episode of winter season 2011 have been around for some time, and I have seen some of them. Lets take a small look at the list of animes that have caught my eyes and interest. Let’s see~

First up,

Card Fight!! Vanguard Fighter!

It’s the latest anime based on the card game, Vanguard. The animation quality for the show is not too bad and the story is sort of a standard plot and line.

If you have watched Yugiho, since the card game’s arc of cos. Even when you kinda know what will be happening and etc, this show is kinda interesting mainly due to a few factor based on the 1st episode. Why?

Firstly, there is this very cute cat on the counter of the shop…

Then, there is a bit of feeling to watch it just for the lols, to see how far it can go.

Either way, it’s not a must watch this season, but feel free to watch it for the laugh. If you are interested in the game itself, it’s already available in Singapore, at The Card Geeks.

Where to watch it?

GOOGLE is your friend.

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