Happy New Year! And just yesterday, on the facebook page of Anime Festival Asia, they released the official pictures of the concerts.

Day 0, 1 ,and 2.

On Day 0 as part of the COOL Japan special, we attended the first AKB48 concert in Singapore and I got to seat next to a Japanese mother and daughter team. Man, that has to be the best representation of the relationship, both of them are equally in love with the group.

It was good to see them enjoy the concert and spend some very wonderful time together. As for the concert, I had a different view of AKB48, I find their abilities to handle the stage to be amazing, given that all 16 of them have to atleast show themselves.

Many of them tried to speak some English, which most of them did so amusingly disappointingly. Still they didn’t have to, so it was really great to see them tried. It’s entertaining nonetheless. And during the course of the whole hour, they did a total of 13 songs including encores.

They are,

1. Overture
3. OOGOE Diamond
4. Aitakatta
5. Pajama Drive
6. Candy
7. Kimi ha Pegasas
8. Jyu nen go
9. Iiwake Baby
10. Hikouki Gumo

– Encores~
11. Heavy Rotation
12. Beginner
13. Ponny Tail to SYUSYU

And yes, they did a few costume change as well.

On Day 1 of AFA X, the concert line up includes JAM Project and Aniki, Ichiro Mizuki.

I must say that this night is a very tough exercise for me and practically everyone in the hall, a full house.

They sang many of their greatest hits, but open the night with the opening song for the latest SRW Anime, MAXIMIZER. What should I say, JAM Project’s performances at AFA X is THE highlight that everyone is waiting for.

After all 2010 is the 10th anniversary of JAM Project and they are really showcasing their best. During the show, I kinda lost track of time and I only realized how long the it actually took when I saw the setlist, which is this,

I Love Anisong: JAM Project
2. Nageki no Rozalio
7. Yusha Tanjyo
8. Rondo – Revolution
9. We are
10. Makka Na Chikai
11. Rescure Fire

Then with Aniki, Ichiro Mizuki, JAM Project performed 2 songs, before needing to rush to the airport to catch a plane out of Singapore. Such a pity that they are not able to perfomr more encores. Still the 2 songs they sang together are,

2. Hagane no Mesia

During which JAM Project mentioned how exciting it has been to sing together with Aniki, especially since the last time they did so is during their 10th Anniversary concert, it reminded them of that feeling and seeing Singapore’s reaction, they are very happy to have been here.

Continuing the exercise, We have Aniki’s concert, which turn out to be another wonderful experience.

But aniki being a veteran knew that we, the audience are quite useless… and most of us are quite tired already because of JAM Project’s constant jumping, shouting and cheering.

Aniki started his concert with a few slow songs to allow us the time to rest and recover. However, he picked up on the tempo as he went along rousing up the audiences and then achieving overwhelming cheers.

Here are the songs he performed, an amazing 30 songs!

1. Grand Prix no Taka
2. Dash! Machine Hayabusa
3. Roller Hero Muteking
4. Sabanna wo Koete (Past the Savanna)
5. Babel Ⅱ
6. Captain Harlock
7. Warera no Tabidachi
8. Oretachi no Funade
9. Harlock no Ballad
10. Bokura no Barom 1
11. Shori da! Akumaizer 3
12. Hakaider no Uta
13. Jigoku no Zubatto
14. Oh!! Dai Tetsujin One Seven
15. Zebraman no Uta
16. Set Up! Kamen(Masked) Rider X
17. Kamen(Masked) Rider Stronger no Uta
18. Moero! Kamen(Masked) Rider
19. Tao
20. Lupin the Third Love Theme
21. Combattler V no Theme
22. Chichi wo Motomete
23. Kotetsu (Steel) Jeeg no Uta
24. Ore wa Great Mazinger 4
25. Z no Theme
26. Sora Tobu Mazinger Z
27. Bokura no Mazinger Z
28. Mazinger Z
29. Ima ga Sono Toki Da
30. Natsukashikutte Hero ~ I’ll Never Forget You! ~

Ok, so some of the 30 songs are actually medleys and are actually titles of the songs strung together. However that is not something to be frown upon, it’s nothing short of amazing actually~

There are numerous cases of the lost of voice, in the 2nd day of the event. I got to witness the unfortunate event where a finalist in the anisong contest failed to sing her song after loosing her voice, it must have been extremely disappointing for her, especially when Scandal are the one judging the contest.

Pictures are credited to SOZO, the organisers of the Anime Festival Asia X!
The pictures are now up and available on AFA’s Facebook Page.

Day 2 of the concert will be up soon, and it contains Angela, Scandal, and May’n. And it seems we still own a few interview articles to be done… … whoops…

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