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During AFA X, a group of our writers were granted the privilege of interviewing the mega group, JAM Project along with other press and blogs from around the region. It’s great to see that JAM Project is well known among the press as well.

Without further ado, since we are late by 2 months… let get onto the interview.

1st question, by Victor, GameAxis Malaysia

What is your Favourite song from JAM Project, your own and anime?

Masaaki Endoh

Jam project, Hagane no Messiah, it’s my first song with Jam project
My own song, Yusha O Tanjo
And of cos, DragonBall  Z

Hiroshi Kitadani

JAM Project, Nageki no Rosario
Own song, One piece, We are
And for the anime, it’s One piece, am still watching it.

Masami Okui

JAM Project, Rocks, SRW Taisen Game’s opening and ending theme
Own Song, Rondo Revolution
As for the anime, I don’t know if you have heard of it before, it’s Debutman(sic).

Hironobu Kageyama

JAM Project, Soultaker, the first song I wrote for JAM
Own, Cha-La Head-Cha-La, this song changed my life.
Umi no tori don(sic)

Yoshiki Fukuyama

JAM Project, HERO
Own, Makachikai
Anime wise, it has to be Alps no Shojo, lol.

Question #2, Macross World

Why do you think JAM project is so popular outside of Japan?

Super Robot Wars, the game have been very popular outside of Japan, Maybe that is the reason.

3rd, Ani-Culture.net

What makes you want to come to Singapore?

Last year Fukuyama came to Singapore for AFA 09 and before that, Aniki came and they kept telling us, how great the fan in Singapore are, so when we are invited we immediately agreed and here we are.

4th question, Another press(Unknown)

How do you find Singapore so far was or what have you heard of Singapore so far?

Fukuyama: I was here last year for the first time, 50% I’m worried, 50% I’m excited to see the fans, since basically he never knew what type of fans are in Singapore. When he saw the fans, and felt the hall shaking, he can relax and feel free to be himself.

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5th question, also Unknown press…

In the near future, do you thing there will be an addition to the band, maybe a new female?

It’s possible, but for now, no such plans.

6th … … Haiz… Malcome, GameAxis.com

Have you ever done Video Game music before, if not, will you be doing one in the future ? … … …
Video Game, gamu gamu… Like Playstation or something…

I believe Super Robot Wars, is a game and we have been doing the music for the series. I believe, in the future, if there is a chance, we will be doing music for it too.

7th a good question from Anime Shrine.

Since Jam Project have been doing SRW, is there any robot or robot series that you like from the game?

Masaaki Endoh

Gao Gai Ga! But if it’s the OG, then it’s Cybuster

Hiroshi Kitadani

Go Tetsujin

Masami Okui


Hironobu Kageyama

Getta robot

Yoshiki Fukuyama

Macross 7

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8th a question from us at Ani-culture.net

Happy tenth anniversary! How do you feel in the tenth year?

This is the tenth year for Jam Project, everyone feel that the ten year is long but kinda short, for it’s been very concentrated. What so great is that in 10 years, they have been together although there are some changes but Jam project is still growing.

9th a cheeky question from Playworks.

Can tell a list of song to be performed?

Sorry serect… Hint, choosen from a list of request by Singapore Fans.
For the list of song played by JAM project at I Love Anisong you might want to visit this post.

10th, a question by Macross World

How do you plan to celebrate the 10th aniversary and what do you see 10 years down the road?

In fact we have had a live concert at the Nihon Budokan, named Reunion. Where ex members like Ichijou Mizuki came together to sing with us, It was a lot of fun!

Continued question by Macross World, Ten years on?

Most probably the members of the band might change but ultimately, JAM Project will still be around.

11th from MTV Philippines

Do you have a message for the Fans in the region, like Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines, not able to come down to Singapore for AFA X?

We are really happy to be here at AFA X and thanks the fans for travelling down to Singapore to see us, and will be glad if we can visit the individual countries in the future.

12th trying to sneak one in before the end, Ani-Culture.net

Will JAM Project be coming down to Singapore any time soon?

Well Fukuyama will be having his personal concert together with his band on the 18th of December, so please come see him.
(Well the concert is over, and it’s a wonderful concert, read here for my thoughts)

Lastly, from the press in China(unknown)

Will JAM Project be touring in China, and increasing the numbers of city to visit? Like Macau?

We wish to visit more china cities like Guang Zhou and etc. This is possible since china is so big, but maybe next year or the year after.
(JAM Project will be visit Shang Hai this year for the first ever overseas Animelo as part of the line up)

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And so that concludes our rare chance of meeting the whole group 1 to 1. And if you are wondering why most of the answer are by a nameless, that’s because it’s the Band’s unified view, expressed by their Representative, Hironobu Kageyama.

Hope you like the article and stay tune for more group interviews coming up soon!

Btw, special thanks to all the reporters, press and bloggers attending the group interview!

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