For me, EOY didn’t really start until about 5:30pm since I was not there until then… Yes, I have missed out on most of the event day, after all I need to go attend my basic Japanese class.

Well I did my best to rush over from Orchard and was greeted by an empty ATM but a colourful scene filled with cosplayers going home… …

I reached the ticketing counter with barely enough cash… for the ticket and Teru Teru’s Bento event. EOY for me is not going to be a shopping event… well this is a disappointment for me…

Still the retailing stores just behind the ticketing counters are… haiz… Just a little item for those who have bought some very cheap figurines at that Pan blah blah box shop, you might want to check your stuff…

For me the real star of the show would definitely be the dojinshi booths within the area. Quite a number of groups are present at the event and to me, a person without cash… It’s a torture… …

As I mentioned I went to Teru Teru‘s booth and got their debut title Bento Event and I was lucky to meet Ume there where she hold an adhoc autograph signing session~

I’m lucky, lol!

Other booths I see at the EOY includes C.D.S, Comix Pandora, Daiyaku, Ice berry, and etc… Over at C.D.S, I see them selling their TohoXBRS Dojin pre-order, and at Daiyaku they are selling their Miku fanarts and stickers.

At the booth areas, I met with a few of the talents that filled the area and later was told about a new event coming up in March next year. Hmm… More information about that to come thou.

So far, the event for me is not too bad… and not very good…

It didn’t take me long to sneak into the theater to watch the performances, which lucky me… was the last act… followed by a speech by the organizer.

And finally, the Danceroid dancial, featuring Aikawa Kozue and Ikura.

Video by Xiongba

At the end of the concert, begins the second part of my EOY, where I managed to catch Yumiko Sensei, the dance instructor of danceroid and a causal chat session when the danceroid girls are busy doing their autograph session and later a group photography.

Who is Yumiko sensei?


She is a dancer by profession and have traveled to many countries and especially loves Paris. She is quite well versed in English and have shared with us how hardworking the girls are or how much they love looking good and etc.

I mentioned how surprised I am when seeing the dancing girls not pant after a 5 minutes long dance routine only to be told by her that it’s nothing. It’s the bare minimal for professional dancers, but they are not aiming to become professional dancers. They want Danceroid to be an idol group. As the girls finish of their autographing session, we have to end the pleasant chat.

To the lady at Daiyaku, I was mentioning to Yumiko sensei that Singaporean girls just don’t know how to make-up… as compared to their Japanese counterpart. lol

It was great to be able to hear her views about Singapore and the girls. It’s always great to talk to talented people.

Overall for me, the EOY might not be the best of the events held in Singapore and definitely not a big deal when compared to AFA X but it did accomplish it’s goal of promoting local talent and the talented performers aboard.

I thank the organisers of EOY for giving the performers a chance to perform and showcase their stuff. After all, they did accomplish their goal and I praise them for it!

But as for the other parts of the event… … I don’t have much to comment… …

Sorry guys, but I don’t have a lot of pictures for this… So feel free to post your picture gallery below to share!

Website: TheEOY

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