Yoshiki Fukuyama’s 2nd Asia Tour was held on the 18th of December, and we at Ani-culture forfeited a chance to go visit our neighbors above for some A&W and to visit one of SEA’s bigger Anime Comics and Game event, the Comic Fiesta over at KL, Malaysia.

But I must say, we are not disappointed!

I say this for everyone whom have attended the concert, IT ROCKS!

Even though there was a bit of a technical problem, leading to a slight delay of the starting time.

But the situation got on the way, followed by a wonderful 2 hours of deafening concert with classics from Macross 7, like 7th Moon, Remember 16, Submarine Street, Dynamite Explosion, Holy Lonely Night(Band edition), My Soul for You and many more.

Of course, throughout the concert, Fukuyama also did some of his other titles like, Wakugai(from a Hentai anime), Makka Na Chikai, and etc, including some not related to animes.

At one of his act, he even took an audience’s light stick to strum his guitar, to the amazement of everyone in the hall. I can say for sure, this is definitely not something we can see everyday!

But the concert reached it’s last song before we knew it and only then, had I realised that my throat is actually smoking(feeling hot)… and I am losing my voice…

That didn’t stop me from singing out loud later since this is just the 1st half of the show… with the encore easily being the second part.

On the encore section of the concert, Fukuyama and band brought about almost another 30 minutes more of performances. First with Planet Dance, and then using the song “Nekokusha!”, he pushed the limelight onto his band to wow the audiences.


Before really ending the show with a stunning performance of “King Gainer Over!”, ending the day with a high note.

After the concert, everyone got a chance to meet and get an autograph from Yoshiki Fukuyama himself.

The concert itself got a high rating from the audiences of the night, obviously wooed by the live band and Fukuyama’s extremely matured stage presences and his band’s talent.

Yoshiki Fukuyama’s 2nd Asia Tour will next be heading to the Nagoya, Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. So if you are anywhere near those places, go catch this AWESOME show!

The Singapore Leg of the Live tour is brought to you by SOZO and 39 Entertainment.

Website: 39 Entertainment | Yoshiki Fukuyama Site | SOZO

Btw, If you are wondering why we are behind the merchandise counter selling some of the concert goods. Please do not feel so surprised. We were there just to help out a little with the concert logistics.

I’m still waiting for the set list for the night, since I didn’t managed to remember all of the songs and as mentioned there are some new songs not related to anime…

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