Talk about edutainment…

The Competition Commission of Singapore have released book 2 of their comic titled Foiled!, produced by Collateral Damage Studios. Using great art and some basic(Easy to understand) story telling to spread the word about the abuse of Market Dominance.

Generally, the comics can help one understand the basics and help you decide what is considered an abuse, but I find it a little short for not elaborating what the investigation is about, yup, I’m looking for some CSI action that this comics almost totally leaved out…

Thus for me, there is not much of a satisfaction when I finished the comic, which is about 12 pages. But compared to the FIXed!, the 1st book released by CCS, the art has greatly improved and the story more fluid. Maybe the third time will be a charm? So, what’s next? F***ed?

Still it’s quite a good read if you want to understand a little what Market Dominance abuse is about or you have about 10 minutes to burn. And since it’s free, it’s not that bad an idea.

You can read the digital version uploaded by CCS, here, while the physical copies will be out later, if you want to keep a copy.

Website: Competition Commission of Singapore | Collateral Damage Studio | Foiled! Comics

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