ANN have confirmation from Funimation, that they are going to submit Mamoru Hoseda’s Summer Wars for the 83rd Academy awards. And is in the process of filling up the paperwork needed for the featured film to be considered for the Best Animated Feature category.

Which means that Summer Wars might stand a chance to win one of the most accredited American Entertainment Awards. But not that it cares, right? The film itself have already won quite a few awards since it’s debut in Japan last August.

Just to name a few, they are the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, the Japanese Digital Content Awards, the Sitges Film Festival, the Japan Media Arts Festival, the Japan Academy Awards, the Mainichi Film Awards, the Montreal Fantasia Festival, the Japan Sci-Fi Con, the Animation Kobe Awards, the Anaheim Film Festival, and etc.

The shining golden bald man might not make the list look any better. But then again, it will not hurt to win something.

However to compile with the rules and regulation of the awards, Summer Wars will be heading to the theaters of at least LA County. So do look forward to seeing this very nice movie in a Cinema near LA.

Website: ANN | Funimation

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