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Organised by Danny Choo, the Singapore CGM Night is a wild success! With over a hundred people attending the event at Lau Pa Sat, almost like an impromptu mob.

4 to 5 person to a table, and dollifes on display, while Kodomat and friends have fun with the nendoroids and figmas. As more people join in the party, the camera starts poping out with whole range, from Point and shoot to DSLRs.

It was an interesting night, which started at around 5:30pm according to my partners, I enter at about 6+ and it lasted till 11pm just before the last train and after our group photo above.

Lau Pa Sat even chip in for the entertainment, having a live band playing a range of English, Indian, and Thailand songs… … Also till 11 pm… One lesson thou, if you wanna listen to story, then that is not a very good place to be. Especially when Danny Choo is sharing some of his life’s encounter, like dealing with haters, wasting time and creating a brand name in a talk with everyone which lasted more then 2 hours.

Of course, Danny Choo did bring along his waifu and I can see why he is so in love with her. As I had the honor to talk with her, and listening to her giving some travel advise to another comrade going to Hokaido end of this year.

I give thanks to all the comrades I have met!

Here is a shout out to, Kodomat, Alafista, nutcase, Gordonator, Kelvin, Zh3us, Seh Suan, Speedknight, lennon, Fattah, Hong Chen, Jeforcex, Fabrice, Siven?, EX14 and more that I have left out…

Not to forget, my comrades at Ani-culture.net, Kenneth, Shane, and Ivan also attended the CGM night.

Thank you all for attending the CGM, giving me a chance to meet you! And most of all, thank you Danny Choo for organising!

Pictures below,

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