A few months ago, the town of Wagashima, the place where the anime, Lucky Star is based on, started organizing a Matchmaking event titled, Ota-Konkatsu Washimiya Deai-Hen ~San-jigen no Kimi ni Todoke~(Otaku Matchmaking: Washimiya Dating ~Reaching You in 3D~) And just recently the closing date have lapsed and a stunning number of people have applied, despite there being only 40 slots(20 guys and 20 ladies).

A total of 501 applicant applied for the matchmaking session, 386 guys and 115 ladies.

Then again, there have been some changes made to the rules and regulation of the event, to make it a bit fairer for the guys…

Excerpt from ANN,

The event organizers did change the application rules after feedback from the public; before the change in rules, male applicants had to be unmarried and between 18 and 40 years old, while females had to be unmarried and between 18 and 35. Under the revised rules, any unmarried person from either gender between 18 and 40 could apply, although high school students were excluded.

Under the original rules, each males entrant would have had to pay 8,000 yen (about US$100), while each female entrants would pay no entrance fee and received a gift. Under the revised rules, each male entrant pays 6,000 yen (US$74) and receives a gift, while each female entrant pays 1,000 yen (US$12) and receives a gift. (There is a 1,000 yen discount for paid subscribers of the Saitama Shimbun paper’s mobile phone site.) The organizers acknowledged that there is still a difference in fees between the genders; however, they also noted that male visitors in the area outnumber the female visitors, and the lower fee for female entrants was intended to rectify that.

Gender equality… My aren’t those complaining AH a bit to ungentlemanly huh? They do want to get a wife right?

Source: ANN

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