And so this month I’m kinda poor with a lot of CDs that have came knocking on my door…

But let me feature 2 that looks good here, a single and a album.

First up is,

Kylee’s latest Single, Everlasting.

As you can see, this single is customized for the Gundam Unicorn Vol. 2 release with a different cover and packaging compared to the normal edition.

When I say different packaging, it’s really different since you will most likely see only red. Even the CD itself is red. This version comes with a booklet that features a write-up, character designs and technical designs of the mobile suits and ships.

The content inside the CD thou, is the same. Containing 4 vocal tracks, and 1 less vocal.

Even though I bought the CD for the song Everlasting, it’s other song, “The Luckiest Girl in the world” and “It’s You” is also good. It should also be noted that Everlasting seems to have 2 different versions, a normal and a movie version. Of cos the movie version is the one that you have been hearing in the anime OVA, Gundam Unicorn Vol.2.

Overall, in terms of packaging, music and entertainment value, this Single deserves a high 3.9 out of 5 stars. Also keep you eyes on Kylee, she has potential as a singer, I actually liked her voice a lot.

Up next is

Utada Hikaru’s Single Collection Vol. 2,

I was shocked when I first open up my copy, because I can’t find the CDs…

Where is my CDs?!

I seriously thought I dropped them or worst, a manufacturing defect! But on closer inspection, I have found them hidden in the side sleeves, what a relief…

In the middle is a booklet with the lyrics and song information of the album that contains a 18 songs, 13 classics on disc 1 and 5 new songs on disc 2, which includes my personal favorite, Goodbye Happiness.

For me, I have found a small envelope containing a black kuma, if you have bought the collection did you see it? It was found in between the pages of the booklet.

Either way, the content of the CDs as mentioned, contains 18 songs. 13 previously released and 5 new songs.

Here is track list, as provide by Wikipedia,

Disc 1
No. Title Arranger(s) Length
1. Prisoner of Love(from Heart Station) Utada 4:46
2. Stay Gold(from Heart Station) Utada 5:14
3. Heart Station(from Heart Station) Utada 4:36
4. Kiss & Cry(from Heart Station) Utada 5:06
5. Beautiful World(from Heart Station) Utada 5:17
6. Flavor of Life (Ballad Version)(from Heart Station) Utada, Alexis Smith, Yuzuru Tomita 5:25
7. Boku wa Kuma(from Heart Station) Utada, Tomita 2:23
8. This Is Love(from Ultra Blue) Utada 4:57
9. Keep Tryin’(from Ultra Blue) Utada 4:53
10. Passion(from Ultra Blue) Utada 4:43
11. Be My Last(from Ultra Blue) Utada 4:30
12. Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro(from Ultra Blue) Utada 4:26
13. Beautiful World (Planitb Acoustica Mix) Russell McNamara 5:10
Total length:
Disc 2
No. Title Writer(s) Arranger(s) Length
1. “Arashi no Megami” (嵐の女神 “Storm Goddess”) Utada Utada 4:16
2. “Show Me Love (Not a Dream)” Utada Utada 4:17
3. Goodbye Happiness Utada Utada 5:21
4. Hymne à l’amour (Ai no Anthem) Édith Piaf, Marguerite Monnot, Utada Utada, Naruyoshi Kikuchi 6:33
5. “Can’t Wait ‘Til Christmas” Utada Utada 3:44
Total length:

It should be noted that the songs selected have been released in her last 2 Japanese Albums, Ultra Blue and Heart Station. It contains many of my favorites like “Stay Gold”, “This Is Love”, “Be My Last”, “Heart Station”, “Kiss and Cry” and etc.

In disc 2, there are 5 new songs by Utada. Of all them, I still like “Goodbye Happiness” the best because it felt like a message from Utada, before her indefinite hiatus.

Then again, her rendition of “Hymne a l’amour” is an interesting listen too.

Overall, for me the packaging is fresh and the content of the collection is super. So from this fanboy, I give it a good 6 over 5 stars!

No wonder she is going to be topping the Oricon charts the 3rd day in a row.

Currently both CDs are available on CDJapan. Support the Artist buy Original! Also did your know CDJapan’s sale are taken into account in the Oricon charts. Buying from there will also be counted into the Charts, helping your favorite artist reach the top.

Website: Hikki’s Website | CDJapan

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