Just in case you are not following our facebook page, It seems that Channel News Asia, Singapore’s own premium news channel have decided to share their interview with both JAM Project and SCANDAL.

But since they are not using Facebook or something for their main news material, I can’t link it here… So watch the video using this link and do read the article too.

After that then you can do something like,

I always thought the girls from SCANDAL have already Graduated and since when is Ani-song, “initially influenced by Japanese indie music”? I thought they have existed since a long time ago and Aniki(Ichiro Mizuki), the first to coin the term Ani-song? I don’t remember him being a indie musician… … …

Maybe they are confused with SCANDAL’s history as a Indie Musician before they debuted with EPIC records?

Either way, any positive reinforcement for the creative/anime industry in Singapore is always a plus!

Website: CNA: Anime music gains worldwide attention | CNA: The bigger picture Video

With that said, our list of interview articles should be out soon… I hope…

Also if you have any views or corrections on the above, do comment below.

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