UPDATE: Eh… It looks like Black Rock Shooter 2 is not in production after all… Orz

Aki-san tweeted that we might have misinterpreted his words amid all the excitement. Maybe he is right, after all, the atmosphere then is just crazy!


Translated, it says,

It (the rumor of BRS2) is not completely wrong, but our eagerness to produce a sequel seems to have been interpreted as an official announcement in the enthusiastic atmosphere of the festival. Anyway, we’ll keep on working hard to realize BRS2.

Source: http://is.gd/h1wIB

Takanori Aki, the president of the Good Smile Company, today went on the main stage to announced that the squeal of the Anime OVA Black Rock Shooter 2 is now in Production.

On stage with Kana Hanazawa and Danny Choo, Aki-san mention that Kana Hanazawa have done a good job with Matto and would like her to give her best for the sequel in Japanese, followed by Danny Choo’s English translation.

Further confirmation is made when Danny Choo told the thousand strong audience that Aki-san have announced the production of the BRS sequel and that it’s a AFA X Exclusive.

During the stage time, Aki-san have also officially announce that the pre-order for Danny Choo’s Mascot Mirai-Chan figma will begin at the end of November, and that they will be producing figurines for Stein Gate, the anime.

Jokingly, Aki-san also mention that he would like to bring Huke to Singapore for the next Anime Festive Asia, and that he will provide everyone who cosplays as Black Rock Shooter, even guys, with a present, next year.

Source: AFA X

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