So last year, we have the MMK maid cafe and this year, at AFA X… The Maids have returned! As our Kohais?

Yup, the theme for this year’s maid cafe is School Days and it comprises of 4 of the girls from last year and 5 new girls. The rising star for the new batch will have to  be Moe-chan!

Her petite built together with her wonderfully shaped face will make many guys blush for sure… Well that is what I felt when I saw her… Not for getting she will be guided by her seniors, Miyake, Tomomi and the council president Yoshimi.

Oh the wonderful~

Btw, this is not that “school days”, you will be perfectly safe, Nice Boat.

Find out more about the girls, via the their page on the AFA X website or Facebook

Oh… what is this… There are somethings for the girls too… The YAOI filled Butler cafe, named Atelier Royale. Hosted by the 5 guys above, it seem rather interesting…

Read this,

Atelier Royale is a butler café (執事喫茶 shitsuji kissa), a themed restaurant with well-dressed male employees in waiter’s uniform or even a tuxedo.

And we have specially selected a team of highly dedicated butlers to wait on you and serve a host of delectable light treats and refreshments at your fancy.

Come with your friends and be spoilt like a princess for a day or two by our league of gentlemen, only at AFA X.

Taken from their facebook, do you think you will be attracted by these guys or what they are doing behind the counter? =_=|||

Either way, you are interested in them, you can read more about them at their page on the AFA X site or their Facebook


Thus, both cafes will start serving you from 9:30am to 7:30pm on both days of the festival and like before, terms and condition applies. There will also some lovely posters and merchandise on sale at the event so have fun!

Website: AFA X | AFA X: MMK | AFA X: AR | Facebook MMK | Facebook AR

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