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Kaname and Aira, they are cosplayers from Japan, invited to attend the AFA X by the organisers.

Kaname is the 2nd time here after AFA 09, other then acting as the judges for the Regional Cosplay Competition, they will also be taking part in a panel where they answer a few question and then shows off some tips for cosplayers about posting for photos.

Here are the questions asked by some fans and the answers as offered by SGCafe blog,


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Q: Kaname-san, have you ever cosplay a female character before ?

A: No, I have not cosplay as a female character but I have cosplay as a feminine character. It is benten from Zone00. I cosplay in his first year of cosplay and it was cosplay for fun.

Q: Have you ever met any interesting fans in your road of cosplay ?

A: Yes, I have met a lot of crazy and interesting fans before. There was once when I cosplay as Ace from One Piece and there is this boy cosplaying as Luffy and ask him “Are you KANAME?”.  He is such a small boy. I was surprised as his mum is behind and she says she is a big fan too.

Q: What was the major factor that brought you into the world cosplay ?

A: Back in the days, I do not have much friends that likes cosplay and otaku hobby and I have been hiding my hobby as it seems embarrassing. A few years back, I have a girlfriend back and I have been suppressing my otaku hobby for a long time. I have a back illness that time and went into rehabilitation treatment. After I broke up with my girlfriend, I went all out and decide to do what I like.

Also, KANAME thinks that the creator for safety pin is god. Those who attended the cosplay panel will know why. ^^


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Q: Which character takes you the most time and why ?

A: Hatsune Miku Synchronicity version from the vocaloid version as there are a lot of parts to take care of and lots of painting to do. It takes a whole lot of time.

Q: How do you feel about cosplay characters that bare a lot of skin ?

A: Nothing, nothing at all. It is okay and I do not mind, it is about making the image of the character as what it is from the series. Singapore cosplayers, what do you think about baring a lot of skin (Audience: SEXY!)

Q: A character that looks real good or a character that looks terrible but you like the character

A: It is the same as KANAME, if you cosplay the character you don’t like, you will lose heart in doing the cosplay and end up throwing away the project but as a girl, we will usually love characters that are beautiful or more suited for girls

They have also shown a few poses that cosplayers should avoid, for the gals and then in general, here are some for you to see, and the rest is below…

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I hope you can differentiate them… Since they all look so good despite some being bad examples… …lol

Also, they took some photos with 2 lucky fans that asked the questions and the 2 MCs.

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The gallery can be seen below, so scroll down for your fill of Kaname and aira goodness.

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Website: AFA X | aira Facebook Fan Page

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