Erm, this is really just a reminder. Since the application will end in 7 days on the 8th of November.

So have you already sent in your applications through this form?

For those not in the know, there is going to be a Autograph session for the artist of the I Love Anisong concert, coming in no more then 12 days. All VIP Tickets holder are entitle to a chance at winning the a chance to meet face to face with either 1, if you are lucky or 2, if you are blessed by the goddess of luck, of the Artists, Group or Bands performing this year.

Who are the artist?

Why they are,
Side A, 13th of November

Side B, 14th of November

Do you not know that, still?

It’s still not too late to go grab you tickets!

The SGD55 ticket will allow you access to the concert and the Festival for 1 day, but the VIP tickets, priced at 118 for 1 day and 198 for 2 days will be the ones you wanted, if you are wanting to take part in the Balloting(aka Lucky Draw, a noun I don’t wanna use cos I never win in a Lucky draw Orz ).

Not to mention, VIP ticket holders will also be getting a very nice book compiled by the organisers with contribution by B.L.T(Beautiful.Ladies.Television), containing exclusive images of AFA X’s Guest. Which might mean the above mentioned and AKB48.

And mind you, this book will cost you SG$12.50 at the AFA Shop…

Website: AFA X | Gatecrash VIP | Gatecrash Non VIP | Balloting Site | B.L.T

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