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This year at AFA X, Canon not only provide a stage for the Cosplayers to compete, a backdrop, camera and printers for everyone to take a picture and print it out. They have also organised photography workshops, 1 on each day for the camera users.

On Day 1, Figurine Photography

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It’s Alafista from to talk about figurine photography.

On stage he mentioned abstract stuff like lighting and how to control them in indoor shoots using reflectors that might just be a piece of white cardboard.

Of cos, he did mention about how one can make figurine photography fun, here are is one very important tip from him.

Bring a Friend/s Along

Since doing figurine photography, you might sometime encounter weird stares and etc, bring a friend or a bunch of friends normalise your behavior, somehow, that is how sociology works I guess.

Other then the above, he also share a few tricks on how to make the nendoroids stand and etc…

But since you have already missed the boat… too bad… Maybe Alafista should just upload his slide online… Either, below are some short snippets of his workshop.

Day 2, Cosplay/Portrait Photography

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Presenting the workshop is Cosplay photographer, Valeforho, to teach more about cosplay photography. It seems light is quite an important factor in photography… He too mention the types of flashes and what to use indoor and out door, including the pros and con of using E-TTL(Canon Flashes) on flashes to automatically adjust the power.

Of course, there is also a part where he mentions how he used the simple stories to make the picture more lively and compelling. Then he also shared a bunch of photos and how he goes about composing them.

I personally learn quite a few things from here, and applied some that day.

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Too bad I don’t have  video of that session. But he did have a Q&A session and here are 2 of the questions,

Q: What would lens you recommend a amateur DSLR user to get, if he want to do event cosplay photography like the AFA?

A: Canon 50mm F1.8, It’s one of the cheapest lens available and it’s fast enough for a indoor photography.

Q: How do you reduce reflection, when taking pictures of item behind glass?

A: Well for DSLR there are certain filters, but for you Point and Shoot, you can try putting the lens directly on the glass enclosure. That would reduce the reflection index of the glass.

About the rest, I just cannot remember… … …

As for the pictures of the 2 workshops at the Mini Stage, look below.

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Website: Alafista | Valeforho | CANON: Delighting You Always! | AFA X

Disclaimer: I have a confession, Canon asked me to go take a look, and help keep a lookout for their products and so I did, in exchange for something nice, a front row access to the Regional Cosplay Competition, and unlimited access to the Cafes~ So it might be bias in some form, but a picture is still a picture right?

So in some form, this post is brought to you by CANON: Delighting You Always!

PS: I love my 500D, but I don’t mind a 60D or a 7D o(^^o)(o^^)o Delight me too!

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